Admin Portal: Overview

Getting started with our tool for viewing and managing rosters for Amplify programs.

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Once your district has started classes and you have begun your Amplify curriculum and/or assessment programs, changing enrollment sources can be highly disruptive and is discouraged. If your district has extenuating circumstances that require you to change how you enroll, please contact your Customer Success partner.

Amplify's Admin Portal provides educators visibility into rosters synced from external data sources (such as Clever, ClassLink, or GG4L), and enrollment administrators upload capabilities to roster and manage staff, students, and classes exclusively for use with Amplify programs. Admin Portal access is determined by the permissions granted. Most educators will be able to view their own students and classes; administrative permissions must be granted to batch upload CSV-based rosters, add or modify staff and student enrollment records, or change the permissions for other staff.

Access the Admin Portal by navigating to, logging in, and clicking Admin Portal at the top of the page. Click here to learn how to navigate to the Admin Portal from Amplify programs. When you open the Admin Portal, you land on the Rosters page.

The links in this article explain how you can use the Amplify Admin Portal to view your rosters and, depending on your permissions, how to edit the information in the Admin Portal or change settings and permissions. Use the following links to view articles containing more details about specific functions of the Admin Portal:

The Rosters page

The Rosters page is your landing page for the Admin Portal. Click Start Tour at the upper right of the page for a guided overview of what you can do and see on the page.

The Rosters page is your main navigation page within the Admin Portal. You can return to the Rosters page at any time by clicking Rosters, and then click one of the navigation buttons to jump to a different page in the Admin Portal.

Your Rosters page may look different depending on your district and permissions.

  1. Your list pages (Organizations, Staff, Students, Classes, and mCLASS Groups)

  2. Hovering your mouse over a list page will show common use cases

  3. Announcements

  4. Your enrollment summary (active students, staff, and classes in your schools)

  5. Quick links to help you navigate the Admin Portal

How to get access to the Admin Portal

All enrolled staff will have Standard permissions access to their classes and students. To request permissions to edit enrollment info, please contact your Technical Onboarding representative and they will grant System permissions to one staff member in your district. The staff member with System permissions can then grant System or Enrollment permissions to others as necessary.

Login options

Your district IT administrator has set up a specific login method for your district. Please contact your district if you are unsure which login method your district uses. Please see Amplify login options.

Navigating to the Admin Portal

The Admin Portal can be easily accessed from various applications across Amplify.

Admin Portal is a link available on the My Account page ( in the top navigation.

Admin Portal is also available in the Tools section of the Programs & Apps menu across Amplify programs.

The Admin Portal is always accessible via direct link:

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