Admin Portal has different permissions and access levels for administrators and staff members.

Permissions are specific to the organization, unless a staff member has more permissions in the district than in the school. Then the district level permissions will override the school level permissions.

Permissions and Access Levels

The following table describes the Access Levels in the Admin Portal and the permissions granted to each Access Level (for information about mCLASS permissions and access levels, see here).

Admin Portal Permissions required for mCLASS access levels

  • For mCLASS Standard access, set the staff member’s enrollment role as teacher or co-teacher in Admin Portal.

  • For mCLASS Full access, set the staff member’s enrollment role as administrator in Admin Portal.

Please note that System Access in the Admin Portal does not correspond to mCLASS System access; that access level is not available for staff members in districts that enroll via the Admin Portal or third-party systems. See the Admin Portal: mCLASS FAQ for more information.

Permissions and Organizations

Note that permissions apply to the organization the staff member is a part of. A System access or Enrollment Admin member can only view and modify information within the parent organization they belong to.

Example: Southeast District includes the following schools: Hillside, Riverside, Valley. Southeast District is neighbors with the Central District.

Assigning Permissions

To change a staff member’s permissions, you must have system access. Permissions can be set for each organization the Staff is part of. You can change one or more staff members’ permissions from the Actions List on the Staff List page. You can also change a staff member’s permissions from their Staff Profile page.

To change one or more staff members' permissions from the Staff List page:

  1. Select the staff members.

2. Select Permissions in the Actions List.

3. The Permissions panel displays.

You can bulk edit and apply a specific permission for an organization to all selected staff members’ permissions.

You can also individually edit the selected staff member’s permissions.

4. Click Save Updates.

To change a staff member’s permissions from the Staff Profile page:

  1. In the Permissions section, select the organization you want the staff member to have access in.

  2. The organizations the staff member belongs to are available in this section. You can select:

  • A district - this gives staff permissions to all the schools in the district

  • One or multiple schools

  • None - this removes all permissions for the staff member in the organization

Note: Standard access cannot be removed from a staff member.

3. Click Save Updates.

The changes you make are reflected on this page and on the Staff List.

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