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The Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal
The Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal

Importing OneRoster CSV files and exporting rosters for enrollment in Amplify programs

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Note: Once your district has started classes and you have begun your Amplify curriculum and/or assessment programs, changing enrollment sources can be highly disruptive and is discouraged. If your district has extenuating circumstances that require you to change how you enroll, please contact your Customer Success partner.

This article is intended for enrollment administrators in districts that have determined OneRoster CSV Upload is the most appropriate enrollment method for the 2023-2024 school year, have worked with Amplify’s Technical Onboarding team to enable the OneRoster CSV Upload Portal within the Admin Portal, and have been given a OneRoster CSV Upload administrative account.

Logging in to the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal

  1. Navigate to the login URL:

  2. Click Log In with Amplify.

  3. Enter the username and password provided by your Technical Onboarding representative.

  4. The Admin Portal opens to the Rosters page. Click Upload to open the Batch Upload page.

  5. Under Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload, click Launch.

  6. The OneRoster CSV Upload Home page opens. The first time you log in, you will need to add an Import app before you can begin uploading your enrollment files.

Navigating the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal

The Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal has 6 pages:

  • Home - View and manage your data import and export apps

  • Application Gallery - View available import and export apps and add them to the Home screen

  • Data Sync History - View a chronological history of your enrollment imports and exports

  • Data Quality - View data errors and records flagged or excluded because they didn’t meet set data requirements

  • Data Browsing - Locate a specific record among your data and view all its related information

  • Administration - Manage your organizations and notifications, and suspend enrollment changes during summer school or annual rollover

The Home page opens by default; other pages can be accessed by clicking the corresponding icon along the left side of the page; clicking the Settings icon in the upper-left corner displays the page name with the icon.

Enrolling using the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload Portal

Enrolling with the Amplify OneRoster CSV Upload portal is a four-step process. Click the links that follow to view a help article for each step in the process.

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