Clever is a tool that provides secure, automated transfer of roster information from your district to Amplify, and it also offers a single sign-on (SSO) option that connects Amplify to your district’s Student Information System (SIS) to receive updates automatically. We recommend that you use Clever to securely send your SIS enrollment information to Amplify. For more information about Clever, see this overview page. Please see our Enrollment Getting Started Guide for an overview of the enrollment options available to you before following the steps in this document.

Overview of Clever Enrollment

This guide provides instructions for registering with Clever, setting up your account, and syncing your enrollment data with Amplify via Clever.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With single sign-on (SSO), students and teachers use a single set of credentials to sign into all of their learning applications. You can integrate your District’s existing SSO with Clever or set up a new SSO. For more information about SSO with Clever, see this article.

Secure Sync with Clever

Clever’s Secure Sync maintains up-to-date roster information in the Amplify Curriculum application by securely transferring your roster uploads or connecting directly with your student information system (SIS). There are three sync options available for transferring data from your SIS to Clever: a Clever-Managed Auto Sync, an SIS-Managed Auto Sync, or an SFTP Sync. You will have control over data sharing and management of your Clever account with each of these sync types; the type of sync you choose depends on your SIS. For more information, see Clever’s description of the sync types.

Sharing Permissions

Your data is shared with Amplify’s Curriculum app based on sharing rules you set up in Clever. You can choose one of the following options to share your data:

  • Share District: Clever shares all district data synced to Clever and updates dynamically with each sync.

  • Share Schools: Clever only shares data linked to the schools that you select and updates dynamically with each sync.

  • Share Sections: Clever only shares data tied to the specific sections that you select. This will not update dynamically.

  • Share by Rules: Clever only shares data tied to users or sections that meet criteria that you set and updates dynamically with each sync.

  • School Site Sharing: Clever only shares data tied to users or sections that are shared by School Tech Leads or Clever admins. You or the School Tech Leads can manage data sharing permissions on a per-school basis. 

As described above, there are several data sharing types for each application you use with Clever: Share District, Share by Rules, and School Site Sharing. We recommend you use Share by Section or Share by Rule, as these share only the data for sections that need access to the Amplify digital curriculum.

When connecting to Amplify, please notify Amplify of any additional teachers or class sections you add to your data so we can make sure they are set up in Amplify completely. At this time, Amplify only receives notification from Clever when a district adds or removes schools from data shares.

Getting Started with Clever

Once you have familiarized yourself with Clever and the enrollment process, you can set up your Clever account and use Clever to share your enrollment information with Amplify. For more detailed information on getting started, read Clever's Setting up Clever: Overview or Clever's Onboarding Manual

Sign Up for Clever

If your district does not have a Clever account, please register with Clever via Amplify’s Clever signup page.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Fill out the form with information about you, your district, and the SIS you use.

  3. Clever’s District Onboarding team will contact you to complete the registration process.

Set Up Your Clever Account

Follow the steps below to set up your Clever account to sync with Amplify. Once you have configured your Clever account, your data is transferred securely and seamlessly to Amplify’s servers. For more detailed information about using Clever’s self-service account setup process, see Clever’s account setup help article.

  1. Add the Amplify Curriculum app. (For detailed instructions, see 'Adding Clever Applications' on Clever’s article Customizing the Clever Portal.)

  2. Choose your identity provider for logging in to Clever. (For detailed instructions, see Clever’s article on single sign-on.)

  3. Connect your SIS. Choose whether to send your enrollment data via one of the Clever Auto Sync methods or by uploading CSV files to Clever via SFTP. (See Clever’s Onboarding Manual for detailed instructions). 

  4. Share your data. (For detailed instructions, see “Setting up Sharing Permissions” below.)

  5. If you wish, you can also set up any additional staff who will need access to Clever as administrators or advanced users.

  6. Validate your enrollment information in Clever. (See “Validating your Enrollment Information” below.)

  7. Roll out Clever to your staff and students. (See “Next Steps” below.)

Setting up Sharing Permissions

Set the sharing permissions so that Clever is able to share data with Amplify. The following are general instructions for managing sharing permissions. See Clever’s article on setting up sharing permissions for more information, and see Share by Rules, and School Site Sharing for specific instructions on setting up these types of sharing permissions.

  1. In your dashboard sidebar, click Applications.

  2. Find the Amplify Curriculum app under My Apps and click Share data now.

  3. On the Amplify Curriculum overview page, click the Data Sharing tab and choose a sharing type. (See the Clever article on Sharing Permissions: Overview for more information on the different types of sharing permissions.) 

  4. Go back to your applications page to verify the sharing type.

  5. Use the Data Browser to check which applications your students and teachers are being shared with. Go to your dashboard and click Support Tools, then click Data Browser.  You can select Students or Teachers to get a detailed view of the applications that students and teachers are being shared with. IMPORTANT: Once you have set the "Share" option and your Amplify Project Manager has confirmed access, do not change the setting (for example, do not switch from Share by Section to Share by School). You can add additional sections if you selected Share by Section. If you need to change your sharing method, please reach out to your E&L contact. 

  6. If you need to add school and/or district administrators to your Clever feed, you can add them by following Clever’s instructions here: Staff - How to add to Clever.

  7. Contact your Amplify Project Manager to confirm that the data import works correctly.

Validating your Enrollment Information

  1. Log in to your district's Clever dashboard.

  2. On the Account Overview page, confirm that the Sync Status displays as “Sync Successful” and that the last successful sync was executed as scheduled.

  3. Confirm that the My Apps section includes Amplify Curriculum, and that the status listed under Sharing is "Sharing district."

  4. Click the Amplify Curriculum icon to go to the App Overview page. 

  5. Confirm that the correct scope of data (district, school, or section) is selected for sharing. Ensure the scope contains all the staff and students who need access to Amplify Curriculum.

  6. Confirm that the School, Teacher, Section, and Student counts are accurate. If they don't match the counts in your Student Information System (SIS), determine the source of the error and sync your data again if necessary.

  7. In the Amplify Curriculum Application, click Data Validation.

  8. Review the warning information. If you see any non-zero counts, click the count to download a CSV file containing the affected records. This will help you decide if there's a problem you need to correct. If so, correct the SIS data and resync your data.

Next Steps

  1. Reach out to your Enrollment and Licensing (E&L) contact or contact Amplify Customer Services at to inform them that the data is being shared.

  2. The E&L contact will then review your data through Clever and reach out with questions or suggest changes. If everything is ready to go, your E&L contact will then accept the data into the Amplify database and activate the content license. 

  3. When all of your roster information is in the Amplify system and ready to use, you’ll receive a pre-launch email from Amplify. The email message explains how staff and students will log in, and includes a checklist for teachers to review to verify they have complete access and are able to find all the information they need.
    Go to the Clever Dashboard, click Portal in the sidebar, and click Rollout Resources to email and distribute login information to your teachers.


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