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Amplify ELA: Print and Digital Supports
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Amplify ELA offers fully aligned print and digital supports, so you can choose the implementation method that works best for your class. With Amplify ELA, you have the flexibility to use technology in a way that meets your students’ needs.

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Amplify ELA Print Resources

Amplify ELA’s print materials contain the full scope and sequence of the Amplify core lessons for grades 6–8 for both teachers and students. You can use the print materials alone, in tandem with digital materials, or transition between print and digital formats to support your classes’ needs.

Print Resources include:

  • Teacher Edition

  • Student Edition

    • Students also receive a Student Writing Journal

Print Teacher Edition

The print Teacher Edition includes activity guides, differentiation guidance, and clearly identifies digital assets from the platform (such as images, videos, or apps) that can be incorporated into print-based lessons.

The print Teacher Edition features insets of the same text and activity instructions as the corresponding Student Edition and wraps teacher instruction around these materials, so teachers have activity guidance, lesson objectives, discussion suggestions, and differentiation tips at point of use. The sub-unit overview provides teachers with an overview of lesson objectives, reading and writing assignments, and a list of any projections. These projections, including modules, multimedia or digital apps can be projected from the teacher’s included digital license. Each sub-unit overview is accompanied by a lesson-by-lesson preparation checklist.

In addition, printable supports for ELLs and struggling readers, including differentiated prompts, translated unit background documents, and translated text previews are provided through the teacher’s digital license to accompany print instruction. Check out the Printable Resources section for more information..

Print Student Edition

The print Student Edition reflects each digital lesson, modified to be printed, and the print materials contain the full scope and sequence of the Amplify core lessons for grades 6–8. The printed Student edition includes all images and instructions that students need to successfully complete lessons. Additionally, most lesson texts are also included. Depending on grade level, some core texts come as a hard copy novel. A student Writing Journal accompanies each unit. As students work in the Student Edition, they will be directed to respond to questions or complete writing tasks in their Writing Journal.

The print Student Editions also feature additional information for students. Key words, which appear as Reveal words in the digital e-reader, are included in the margins of each text. The same words are compiled into a glossary that follows the texts. Additionally, the Student Edition includes Unit Overviews, Sub-unit Overviews, and clear directions for how to complete each lesson and activity as well as where students should record their responses (either in the Student Edition itself or in their Writing Journal).

Amplify ELA Digital Resources

Digital licenses allow for online completion of work, teacher feedback and grading, and digital class management, while traditional print resources allow for a more familiar paper-and-pencil experience. When using the digital program, student work is saved to the student’s account, making it easy to move from a physical classroom to a home-based learning environment at any point in the year.

Digital Teacher Resources

You can access all lessons, planning, and instructional material from any device after logging in.

Instructional materials include activity guides, possible responses, tips for facilitating classroom discussion, and Digital Novel guides. You can assign lessons and activities to students, see all student work—both work in progress and completed—and send feedback and grades back to them. Learn more about Classwork and Reporting.

Learn how to navigate your Amplify ELA curriculum here.

Digital Student Resources

Students also access all lesson content digitally, including the Amplify Library and eReader passages with audio, daily self-guided vocabulary activities (and the vocab app), any lesson related videos or images, and all reading and writing assignments.

Students can see your feedback immediately and review and revise any submitted assignments in their My Work space. Students can access and work in any lesson, including all assigned differentiated supports, accessibility features, and formative assessments, from any device remotely.

Printable Resources

Printable Resources are available to print for teachers on the digital platform as PDFs.

From the Year Overview:

From the Unit Overview:

  • Caregiver letters

  • Solo text previews (in English and Spanish)

  • Spanish language articles related to the content of the unit

  • Writing prompts with differentiated levels

  • Vocabulary practice sheets

  • Student Writing Journals

From the Amplify Digital Library:

Hybrid learning

Amplify ELA’s curriculum can be used in classrooms with limited access to devices, or when Wi-Fi or devices are unavailable, so you can decide when your students use devices. The parity between Amplify ELA’s print and digital editions lets you choose how to present the materials to your students.

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