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My Work: How students access assignments and feedback
My Work: How students access assignments and feedback

Customizable space for middle school students to organize their portfolio of Amplify work

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My Work is an engaging and actionable space where middle school students can quickly access assignments, review your feedback from Classwork, and organize their portfolio of Amplify work.

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Students access My Work through the global navigation menu or through their Programs & Apps.

My Work is organized into two main sections: the Home tab and Portfolio tab.

The Home Tab

The Home tab alerts students to their most important tasks: reviewing your feedback and completing new assignments. Students can see summarized information for each activity at a glance, similar to your teacher view in Classwork.

The New Feedback section lists activities with unread teacher feedback. Items will be removed from this list once students have clicked on them and seen your feedback. The read/unread envelope icon on each activity matches your teacher view in Classwork, so you can always identify students who have read your comments and scores.

The Assigned section lists activities from most recently assigned at the top with older assignments below. This list of assignments will persist throughout the year, so students can look back through all the work they’ve been assigned to date. Activities will only appear in this section for students if you’ve formally assigned them through the curriculum and the scheduled date has arrived. You can learn more about how to assign in grades 6-8 here.

The Portfolio Tab

In the Portfolio tab, students can navigate through different units, sub-units, and lessons and filter their view by “activity type.” This makes it easy for students to see their scores across key activities, like writings or assessments, at a glance.

The submission status checkboxes at the top right of the screen allow students to filter their portfolio for an actionable list of activities that have not yet been started or handed in. This filtering system matches the teacher’s Portfolios tab in Classwork so everyone can get on the same page about what’s due.

Students can also print their work and teacher feedback to show guardians at home, or to preserve a paper copy of the activity for themselves, by selecting the print button at the bottom left of the screen.

Submitting or Revising Activities

Clicking an activity from anywhere in My Work leads students to the review screen, where they can work on the activity or revise it according to your guidance in the feedback panel. To optimize viewing, the feedback panel can be dragged around the screen and expanded or collapsed.

Students can also find the teacher feedback panel in the corresponding lesson itself.

Profile Customization

Students love to decorate the notebooks and binders that house their paper schoolwork, and their digital portfolio should be no different! In My Work, students can click the “Design Profile” button to customize their space with a choice of more than 30 avatar and banner images, many of which highlight Amplify’s beautiful lesson artwork.


In addition to My Work, students are notified of any new feedback or assignments via the notification bell in the upper right-hand corner of their curriculum screen. Upon clicking an item from the bell, students will be directed to that activity. The notification bell will also provide a shortcut link to My Work if there are more notifications than can be displayed at a given time.

If your students need additional guidance, refer them to the My Work student guide

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