The Amplify Vocabulary Modules provide instruction in skills key to developing vocabulary and building word knowledge. Students also receive instruction and ongoing practice in these skills within the Vocab App. Each Vocabulary Module is aligned to and integrated into a core instructional unit within each grade of Amplify ELA. These modules should be used within the first five lessons of each unit.


Where can I find this?
The 6th grade Vocabulary Modules are located in the Materials section of each Unit Overview.

  • 6A: Dahl & Narrative — Context Clues

  • 6A: Dahl & Narrative — Dictionary Skills*

  • 6B: Mysteries and Investigations — Connotations and Denotations

  • 6C: The Chocolate Collection — Greek and Latin Roots

  • 6D: The Greeks — Synonyms and Antonyms

  • 6E: Summer of the Mariposas — Figurative Language

  • 6F: The Titanic Collection — Prefixes and Suffixes

*Dictionary Skills module can work with any unit

The printable Work That Word: Vocabulary Strategies worksheet accompanies these modules, giving students opportunities to apply the strategies to unit vocabulary while working in either the digital curriculum or print Student Editions.

Work That Word

Where can I find this?

This worksheet can be found in the Materials section of the Unit Overview.

Each instructional module is embedded in the Unit Overview at the start of each unit. Amplify recommends teaching each module during the lesson vocabulary time between lessons 1–5 of the indicated unit.

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