Amplify ELA: General Reporting Overview
ELA Reporting offers detailed student progress information
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Reporting provides teachers with detailed information on student progress with reading and writing skills. In Reporting, teachers can track productivity, comprehension growth, and Solo (or homework) completion, as well as view overall scores for specific skills. The Reporting app is located in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

From Reporting, you can monitor your students’ progress and plan instruction. You can also use the Reporting app to determine if any changes are needed in the differentiated supports.

Writing Skills Report

The Writing Skills Report displays your class’s auto-scores on Writing assignments across an entire unit. View your class’s productivity, or how much your students are writing in response to the prompts, and their skill level with Conventions, Focus, and Use of Evidence.

You can also review individual students’ progress across units.

Comprehension Report

The Comprehension Report aggregates student scores from the Solo assessments throughout the curriculum.

You can look at individual student scores or whole-class trends to identify parts of the text or skills that were difficult for students to understand. You can use this report to guide your instructional choices and determine whether you need to slow down instruction or differentiate supports to meet the needs of all learners.

Assessment Report

The Assessment Report displays your students’ performance on the Unit Reading Assessment. The information along the top shows how many students submitted their work and your class’s average scores. Amplify ELA assessments are designed to be challenging, so many instructors choose to curve scores before assigning grades.

The assessment questions are grouped according to three categories: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas. You can look at individual scores according to these categories. This report also helps to identify which questions were especially challenging and how many of your students got each question right.

Embedded Assessment Measure

The Embedded Assessment Measure (EAM) report aggregates and assesses your students’ daily work over the course of a unit. It also provides a regular measurement of student performance in three key skill areas: Reading, Writing, and Language.

The EAM report data is presented in a Class Overview format. You can view it at the unit level or between Flex Days.

You will also see suggestions for Flex Day activities and recommendations for grouping. You can also use this data to inform groupings and instructional decisions for later units.

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