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Amplify Math: G6 - A1 digital overview
Amplify Math: G6 - A1 digital overview

Amplify Math offers a digital experience for grades 6-8 and Algebra 1 that makes instruction more flexible for students and teachers.

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Here’s what teachers can expect in the digital lesson experience.

General teacher experience

Lesson planning stage

Navigating a unit:

The Unit Overview page describes what students will learn in the unit and details essential topics students will need to be able to answer. Teachers can also find differentiated support strategies.

Lesson overview:

The Amplify Math lesson brief lives on a smooth, scrollable page that makes it easy to find key information to help you prepare, and also connects the lesson to what students have previously learned. The Materials section clearly lays out everything that you need, and includes links to downloadable PDFs.

Additionally, the design makes it faster to navigate between lessons.

Reviewing a lesson

Teacher platform:

Every lesson in Amplify Math is 100% blended, meaning it can be taught digitally or in print. To prepare for lessons, teachers can preview lesson slides by clicking on the Teach button from the lesson brief, review each slide and activity alongside teacher notes, and get acquainted with functionalities so they are ready to go when class starts.

Student-facing digital lessons:

Students can engage with digital lesson content in one cohesive experience.

How to preview the student experience:

Curious about the student experience? Use the Shared Student Login feature to preview what students see and how they navigate when they log in.

Teaching a lesson

Teacher platform and presentation:

Starting class allows teachers to present a lesson to a class while also having the students actively engage with the math. The Teacher Guide allows you to review slides you’re presenting while simultaneously reading teacher-only notes to instruct the lesson.

Class monitoring during presentation:

While teachers are instructing the class, they can monitor the students’ responses in real time, track students’ progress within the lesson, and see which slides students are currently on.

Assigning lessons:

Teachers can always assign lessons in Amplify. If they have Microsoft Teams or Google Classrooms, they are able to assign through those programs, as well.

Reviewing student work


Efficiently review student work with side-by-side scoring, class averages, and streamlined navigation between students.

Class reports:

Teachers have access to Unit Performance Reports and Standards Reports to track and log student progress.

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