While teachers are instructing the class, they can monitor the students’ responses in real time, track students’ progress within the lesson, and see which slides students are currently on.

To view students’ responses for a slide, click the “View Work” button on the Teacher Guide tab.

In this view, you can see all students’ work on one page.

You can click the composite view to see all students' data aggregated.

You can also click any individual student to view their work, specifically.

On any of the view work screens (All Students, Composite View, and any student) you can present their work.

Note: Using this feature will automatically anonymize that student on the presentation screen.

To view students’ current location and progress in the lesson, click the class progress icon (9-grid of squares) on the bottom-left of the screen.

On this screen, teachers can view each student's current location in the lesson. Student locations will be marked by their icons. They can also view the progress on each slide by reviewing the shading of the slide bar.

  • The slide bar with full shading shows a student who has completed the activity on the slide.

  • For slides with auto-scorable work, it will also show either a checkmark or a x for correct and incorrect answers; respectively.

  • Bars with dashed shading are slides currently being worked on without any submitted work.

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