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Amplify Math: Unit Performance Reports
Amplify Math: Unit Performance Reports

How to access Unit Performance Reports for Amplify Math

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You can access Amplify Math Reporting from the Programs and Apps menu at the top right of the screen. Scroll down to the Tools section and click on the Math Reporting icon.

You can also navigate to Amplify Math Reporting through the global navigation menu in the curriculum. If you are licensed to multiple Amplify products, such as both Amplify ELA and Amplify Math, then you need to select the product you want to view in the sidebar, then click on Reporting in the top navigation menu.

Amplify Math Reporting displays in a new tab.

Unit Performance Reports

To view Unit Performance Reporting for Amplify Math content, click Unit Performance Reports at the top of the Reporting application.

You can sort Unit Performance Reports by class and unit.

At the top of this page, you can choose which class you’d like to see reports for.

The Unit Performance Report shows all the subunits for the selected unit. You can view the Assessments, Exit Tickets, or Practice for that unit. You can choose other Assessments to review in the drop-down menu.


You can view the Class Average that shows the percentage of students at each level for this Assessment in a bar chart, as well as the overall class average.

You can see which problems on the Assessment have manual scores that have been scored by the teacher. If you need to learn more about how to manually score a problem, read the Help article: Classwork: How to easily review and access work. You can also see a breakdown of the Assessment by item for each student.

In Amplify Math, the Assessments have two forms and you can switch the view between each Assessment. You are also able to view all problems or view only the manually scored or only the automatically scored items in the second drop-down menu.

You are also able to view By Problem, which shows the individual problems with the percentage of students who provided incorrect responses to each item.

Exit Tickets

You can choose which unit and lesson Exit Tickets to view. You can see class averages and whether a problem needs to be manually scored.

You can see a breakdown of all your students in the class and their performance on the Exit Ticket.

You can also review a problem-by-problem analysis for the Exit Ticket.


You can view the Practice Class Average and find out if a problem needs to be manually scored.

Class average graphs for practice problems.

You can view student performance on each problem.

And you can also view the By Problem analysis for each problem.

Printing and downloading report data

You can print and download the report data by clicking on the Print or Download icon.

Printing allows you to print the data (or save as a PDF) , while downloading saves the data as a CSV file (viewable in a spreadsheet application).

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