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Amplify now has a single entryway for most K–8 educators for the new school year, called Educator Home. This video walks you through the features of Educator Home.

After logging in, you’ll arrive at Educator Home, where you’ll find a streamlined way to access your assessment, reporting, and instructional tools. Educator Home may appear different depending on your institution’s licensed products.

Amplify Navigation

The Amplify navigation displays across the top of the page and includes the Home icon, Programs & Apps icon, and My Account icon.

  • Home: click Home to navigate back to Educator Home

  • Programs & Apps: click Programs & Apps to access your programs; product-specific apps; tools such as Classwork, and product-specific reporting; as well as other resources like assessments and the PD Library

  • My Account: click your name to access My Account or log out

Programs & Apps

Programs & Apps contains links to your Amplify programs and other important tools.

  • Apps: In the Apps sections for ELA and Science, you’ll find apps to use during your lessons

  • Tools:This section contains Administrator Reports (available for school and district Admins), Classwork, product-specific reporting, and My Content, among other useful tools

  • Other Resources: you’ll find ELA and Science assessments, the Amplify PD Library, where you can download student materials and access training courses, and the mCLASS Resources, where you can access how-to guides and research materials

My Account Icon

When you click your name next to the My Account icon in the Amplify navigation, your username, the My Account link, and Logout link display. Click My Account to go to My Account, or click Logout to log out of Amplify.

My Account

When you navigate to My Account, Classes displays. The left menu contains links to Classes, Programs & Licenses, Account Settings, and Help Center.


Classes includes links to Educator Home, Student Home, and your programs, and a list of your classes. Click a class name to view details for that class, including the staff members and students assigned to the class. You can also generate and download QR codes for students to use when logging in to certain Amplify programs.

Programs & Licenses

Click to display a list of licenses for your institution, with their current status information.

Account Settings

You can change your first and last name, enter a nickname, and change your password.

Help Center

Click to go to the Amplify Help Center, where you can find help articles about your Amplify products.

Welcome Bar

Click the avatar icon to change your avatar characteristics. Your students also have this feature on Student Home. Click Student Home to see a preview of what your students see when they log in.

Your Programs

Go to Your Programs and click a program button to quickly access any of your Amplify programs. Click Show More to show all programs in the list.


Review the notifications in the Recommendations area to see what’s new in your Amplify programs, access helpful resources, and learn more about the research behind Amplify’s products. Click the button on a Recommendation card to learn more. Click See All to open the Recommendations page, where all of the Recommendations for your Amplify programs and products display. You can filter the Recommendations by Subject.

Amplify chat

Click the chat icon to open the Amplify chat panel. You can send a message to Amplify Customer Care and Support, view your message history, or search for articles about Amplify products.

Additional Resources

For more information about Educator Home and CKLA, see the Unified Home for Educators article.

For more information about Educator Home and Amplify Digital Experience, see the Amplify Digital Experience Teacher Home article.

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