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Student Home enhancements for digital experience and mCLASS

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Amplify has made some enhancements to Student Home for our digital experience and mCLASS customers for the new school year!

Student Home provides a central location for students to access their assigned work and assessments for each day. Students will arrive at Student Home after logging in. From Student Home, your students can complete assignments and access other features of your institution’s Amplify programs.

Student Home may appear different and the features available may vary depending on your students’ grade level and the Amplify products your institution uses.

K–5 Student Home Video

This video walks through the features of K–5 Student Home.

K–5 Student Navigation

The Student navigation displays across the top of the page and includes the student's name, the backpack icon and Log out icon.

  • Students click the backpack icon to display important links (depending on licensed products), such as the Student Home link.

  • Students click the Log out icon to log out of Amplify.

K–5 Student Home

When students log in, they complete a daily “vibe check” poll before landing on Student Home. Their poll result displays next to their avatar, along with the To-do and Past Work buttons and today’s date.

Students can click their avatar to edit the characteristics and personalize it. The Avatar builder for K–5 students has a time limit of 2 minutes. After this time has elapsed, students are prompted to save and they are returned to Student Home.


The Assignment stream displays current or past assignments. Students click To-do to display the stream of current assignments or Past Work to view completed assignments.


Each assignment is on a card that shows the program, Unit or Lesson information, and due date (if one is set). Students click an assignment card to open the assignment, or click the green check to mark the assignment complete. Some assignments are pinned; they remain in the stream and cannot be marked complete.

Past Work

These are assignments that the student has marked complete or that have passed the teacher-set due date.

6–8 Student Home Video

This video walks through the features of 6–8 Student Home.

6–8 Student Navigation

The Amplify navigation displays across the top of the page and includes the Home icon, Program & Apps icon, and My Account icon.

  • Students click Home to return to Student Home.

  • Students click Programs & Apps to view the programs their institution is licensed to, as well as links to tools and resources.

  • Students can click their name to view the My Account page or log out of Amplify.

6–8 Student Home

Welcome panel

The Welcome panel displays the student’s avatar and a greeting to the student. The student can click the avatar icon to change the characteristics of their avatar and personalize it.


Students go to the Assignments stream to view and access the list of their assignments. They can filter by Started or Not Started assignments or by subject.

Assignment Cards

Assignments are grouped on cards by program and Unit or Lesson.

  • Each assignment card is labeled at the top with the program and unit or lesson details (if relevant).

  • Assignments can have a due date set by the teacher, and the assignments are sorted by descending due date on the cards.

  • New assignments have a Start button that students click to start working on the assignment.

  • Previously started assignments have a Continue button that students click to resume working.

  • Some assignments include a feedback icon if the teacher has provided feedback. Students click the icon to return to the assignment; they will see a blue feedback icon that they can expand to see feedback or scores their teacher has left.

For more information on My Work, see the Amplify Science My Work article, the Amplify Math My Work article, or the Amplify ELA My Work article.

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