Managing Your Account Settings
Update your name, role, or password.
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You can change your name, role, or password in the Account Settings section of My Account at

You can change your first or last name as well as the name that you would like your students to see when you send messages commenting on their work. For example, if your name is Lucia Alvarez but your students know you as “Ms. A.” then type Ms. A in the field labeled “My students call me…” Your changes are saved automatically.

If you log in with an Amplify account, you can change your password by clicking Change Password, entering the password you currently use, entering and re-entering the new password, and clicking Change Password again. A message displays when your password is managed by Google or Clever; contact your district or school administrator if you have difficulty logging in.

Any changes you make on the Account Settings page are reflected across all your Amplify programs.

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