Embedded Assessment Measure (EAM)

Less testing and more learning

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Amplify ELA core instructional units include a robust system of embedded assessment designed to provide teachers with actionable student performance data long before end-of-unit or benchmark exams. The Embedded Assessment Measure (EAM) reports allow teachers to easily track and interpret student performance against the three core domains of reading, writing, and language—all without ever interrupting the flow of daily instruction to test students.

Class performance: Unit-level view

Class performance: Flex Day view

Student grouping

  1. Our algorithm pulls from activities within the unit to evaluate students’ facility with three key skills: reading, writing, and language.

  • The reading score incorporates data from Solos, exit tickets, and other auto-scored questions that assess reading comprehension or text analysis.

  • The writing score incorporates Automated Writing Evaluation (AWE) scores for Focus and Use of Evidence.

  • The language score incorporates AWE scores for Conventions as well as scores from any in-lesson vocabulary questions. (It does not currently include data from the Amplify Vocabulary app.)

  • Students need to submit work in at least one activity of a domain to generate a score for that domain.

  • Percentiles compare students with all students who use Amplify ELA, so they reflect a student’s relative performance in comparison with a broadly representative sample of students from across the country.

2. EAM reports show you exactly where your students are struggling individually, and as a group. They also provide student-grouping recommendations for planning Flex Day activities.

  • There are two ways to view the report: by unit or by Flex Day.

  • The default report will include all relevant scores from within a unit. If you click View By Flex Day, this will limit the data to the lessons immediately preceding each Flex Day.

  • The “Generate Report” button can be clicked again to refresh scores anytime students have completed more activities. We recommend clicking “Generate Report” just before Flex Days to ensure the most reliable data for Flex Day planning.

  • If student scores cannot be generated for a unit yet, consider using EAM scores from the previous unit to inform planning.

With Amplify ELA’s embedded assessments, students and teachers will benefit from:

Less testing and more learning

Maximize uninterrupted instruction time and allow your students to keep learning without the disruption of step-away performance tests. Our assessments are woven into the instructional sequence and embedded in student activities and assignments.

More targeted practice

Understand how your students performed in each core strand from previous lessons to plan for differentiated instruction in Flex Days.

Insightful and actionable data

The data and guidance we provide is easy to absorb and meaningful, saving teachers time and making it easier to group students for focused practice and differentiated instruction.

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