Amplify ELA’s new Embedded Assessment Measure is the only assessment system that puts student learning first. With intense pressure for more standardized testing, we often see the grading function over-emphasized and the learning function underemphasized, which leads to rote and superficial learning. Additionally, research shows increased time away from instruction for assessment is detrimental to learning. This is why we spent years developing our own embedded assessments that focus on supporting instruction and student growth, rather than being an evaluative end.

Throughout the Amplify ELA units, the Embedded Assessment Measure will allow teachers to easily track and interpret student performance against the three core strands of reading, writing, and language, without ever interrupting the flow of daily instruction.

  1. Our algorithm pulls from activities across the curriculum to evaluate students’ facility with three key skills: reading, writing, and language.

  2. Periodic reports show you exactly where your students are struggling individually, and as a group. This data is aggregated into a report, providing a student-grouping profile for you to use when planning Flex Day activities.

With Amplify ELA’s embedded assessments, students and teachers will benefit from:

Less testing and more learning
Maximize uninterrupted instruction time and allow your students to keep learning without the disruption of step-away performance tests. Our assessments are woven into the instructional sequence and embedded in student activities and assignments.

More targeted practice
Understand how your students performed in each core strand from previous lessons to plan for differentiated instruction in Flex Days.

Insightful and actionable data
The data and guidance we provide is easy to absorb and meaningful, saving teachers time and making it easier to group students for focused practice and differentiated instruction.

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