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To support Amplify CKLA teachers here is some information about logging on, where to find information, and how to get help when planning and delivering instruction.

Logging in to your Amplify programs

This is the Amplify login page. Your Amplify login page may look different depending on your district settings. Click here to learn about custom district login options.

For Google Login:

  1. Select Log in with Google.

  2. Enter your Google username and password

  3. Click Sign In.

For Clever Login:

  1. Select Log in with Clever.

  2. Select your district.

  3. Enter your Clever username and password.

  4. Click Sign in.

For Classlink Login:

  1. Navigate to https://launchpad.classlink.com/login or your district’s ClassLink portal.

  2. Enter your ClassLink username and password.

  3. Click Sign in.

For Amplify login:

  1. Select Log In with Amplify.

  2. Enter your Amplify username and password.

  3. Click Sign In.

Click here to learn about QR code login for Amplify CKLA and Caminos.

Click here to learn more about logging in to Amplify.

Getting started with Amplify CKLA

To start using Amplify CKLA quickly in your classroom, check out the following website full of resources:

Get connected

If you have not done so already, follow our Amplify communities on social media to connect with other educators:

Finding help

Advice and answers

Looking for details about the Amplify CKLA program? Search our collection on help articles designed to provide step-by-step instruction for a variety of scenarios.

Timely technical and program support

Amplify has an educational support team of former teachers and administrators who provide pedagogical support for every Amplify curriculum, assessment, and intervention program. This service is completely free for all educators who are using our programs and includes:

  • Guidance for developing lesson plans and intervention plans

  • Information on where to locate standards and other planning materials

  • Recommendations and tips for day-to-day teaching with Amplify programs

  • Support with administering and interpreting assessment data and more

To reach our pedagogical team, use our live chat or email edsupport@amplify.com.

Additional resources for District Administrators

Visit the Amplify Homes and Account Management collection for information on how to:

  • Confirm your roster

  • Rename sections

  • Create temporary student accounts

Visit the Getting Started collection for information on:

  • Clever enrollment

  • CSV enrollment

  • Single CSV enrollment

  • Clever instant login

  • Google apps for education

  • Device requirements

  • Network and allowlist requirements

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