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District Single Sign-On (SSO) with Amplify
District Single Sign-On (SSO) with Amplify
With District SSO, you can seamlessly log in to any Amplify products using credentials provided by your district or state.
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District SSO

With District Single Sign-On (SSO), teachers and students can seamlessly log in to any Amplify products—mCLASS, CKLA 2nd Edition, Amplify Reading, Amplify Science, Amplify ELA—using credentials provided by your district or state.

SSO can be implemented in one of two ways for your district or state:

  • District Portal login: Educators or students log into the district/state portal using their district/state credentials and, then, access their Amplify products by clicking a tile within the portal or by navigating to the Amplify product’s login page, where they will be logged in automatically.

  • Amplify login: Educators or students can navigate to any Amplify product login page, click District SSO, and select the district. They are then sent to their district/state login page to enter their district/state credentials. This process is only necessary once; after one successful login, Amplify stores their district selection in the browser’s cache.

Amplify supports SAML 2.0 authentication including ADFS 2.0/3.0, Google, Microsoft Online, and Stoneware.

To set up your district SSO, follow these implementation steps:

  1. Contact to request SSO integration.

  2. Amplify will request answers to the following questions:

    1. When do you hope to go live with SSO?

    2. Will students and teachers be using SSO?

    3. Describe how you want teachers and students to log in to Amplify (e.g., log in directly from Amplify product or click links in an LMS).

    4. When teachers and students log out of Amplify, do you want them also logged out of your IDP?

    5. What is the official district name that should display on the Amplify login screen?

    6. With which Amplify products is the district looking to use SSO?

  3. To establish an SSO connection between the district and Amplify, both parties must exchange a metadata file:

    1. The district’s tech team will send Amplify their metadata url or file.

    2. In return, the Amplify team sends our metadata to the district.

    3. Requested: Amplify prefers to receive a test user (enrolled with Amplify), so we can monitor the district SSO connection throughout its lifespan.

Once the Amplify Customer Care and Support team has received the requested information, we can set up our side of the configuration.

Should you need support, Amplify can set up a follow-up call to walk you through the process.

Note: Please anticipate a 5-day SLA for SSO configuration.

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