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Important information for system administrators about refreshing your district’s program and enrollment data for the new school year.

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Important information to know before you start

  • If you do not have system access, you do not need to take action for rollover.

  • Rollover settings are now available.

What is rollover?

Rollover is the process Amplify uses to prepare districts for the new school year. Each district needs up-to-date programs for their licenses, as well as up-to-date enrollment data for the new school year. Each year, Amplify determines a specific date as the default rollover date for all current accounts. This year the default date is 7/19/2024. During rollover, the previous year’s data is archived and the Amplify enrollment environment is set up to accept your rostering data for the upcoming school year. Completion of the rollover process signals the start of the new school year.

The rollover process includes the following steps:

  1. Update the licensed programs from the current school year to the programs for the new school year. (This applies to Amplify English Language Arts (ELA), Science, and Math.)

  2. Reset the district’s enrollment data:

    1. All students and staff are unenrolled from their current classes.

    2. All classes from the current school year are deactivated.

    3. If applicable, the data feed from your enrollment source is paused.

    4. If applicable, students are promoted to the next grade level.

This provides the districts with a clean slate of their data so they can start their upcoming school year fresh.

New rollover process

For the 2024–2025 school year, Amplify will be prompting you to provide enrollment information via the Admin Portal so that our team can automate some rollover processes.

If your district is a returning customer who shares rostering data through one of these enrollment methods: Clever, ClassLink, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) Connect, OneRoster CSV, or Admin Portal, you will be guided to answer a few simple questions related to rollover. See Set rollover dates for details.

This process is part of Amplify’s plan to provide all customers with a fully automated self-service rollover experience. You will be given frequent reminders in the weeks leading up to the default rollover date to provide the relevant information via the Admin Portal.

Rollover for mCLASS customers will not be changed by this new process.

What can I expect?

If you are a district-level educator with system access, when rollover is available, you will see the rollover reminder when logging in to the Admin Portal. The reminder will prompt you to set your rollover dates for the new school year. If you are not ready to set your rollover dates, you can click Not now to close the reminder and it will display again in 12 hours.

The reminder will display until 7/19/2024; if you do not respond by this date, your district’s programs and enrollment will be rolled over on the default date of 7/19/2024.

Please be aware that any district-level educator with system access can make these changes, so plan accordingly with your team.

Set Rollover dates

To prepare to set your rollover dates, gather the following information:

  • If your district plans to use Amplify programs during summer school this year, make a note of the start and end dates of your summer school session.

  • Determine the last day you would like your district to have access to the 2023–2024 school year programs. In most cases, this date is between 6/3/2024 and 8/31/2024, but you can select an [exception date] if necessary.

  • Determine the start and end dates of your district’s 2024–25 school year.

  • Determine the date when your district expects to have rostering data ready to provide to Amplify for the new school year.

  • If your district uploads data directly through the Admin Portal, provide the highest grade for each school in your district so Amplify can deactivate graduating students.

When you have gathered this information, navigate to the rollover settings section of the Admin Portal Settings page. You’ll fill in the form with the information you’ve prepared. For detailed instructions on filling out the form, see Admin Portal: Rollover settings management.

mCLASS Enrollment

If your district enrolls via mCLASS Admin, mCLASS Self-Service Enrollment (SSE), or mCLASS AutoSSE, you will not encounter any changes to your rollover process.

If you are a district enrolling through Clever, ClassLink, GG4L Connect, OneRoster CSV Upload, or Admin Portal and you have access to mCLASS, Amplify pauses the enrollment data sync to mCLASS, reviews new enrollment data, and then re-enables the sync.

For more information

If you have any additional questions, contact Amplify Customer Care and Support by email at

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