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Amplify Math: Teaching a class on the digital platform
Amplify Math: Teaching a class on the digital platform

Simple steps to start, present, and teach your class using our digital platform.

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Setting up your screens for teaching

At Amplify, we recommend a two-screen set up when teaching in your classroom.

Let’s talk through the set up in more detail:

Start your class

Teachers can open up the Teacher Guide from the lesson brief by clicking on the Teach button.

This opens up the Teacher Guide tab, which allows you to start class, view the lesson with teacher notes, monitor student work, and present the lesson content on a second screen.

When you are ready to teach, hit Start Class and select the class period you are teaching. This will open up your Presentation tab, and pull students who are working on a device into the lesson.

Begin presenting

The Presentation tab is a student-facing slide deck, so your students can follow along with your lesson.

You can drag the Presentation tab to a separate presentation screen and control the Teacher Guide tab on your own laptop or device.

The Teacher Guide tab allows you to privately view the lesson. You can:

  • Freely navigate and view slides by clicking on the slide itself to preview what might be upcoming and review your teacher notes

  • Monitor students’ work in real-time

  • Pace your student’s progression and pause the lesson

Control your screens and teach

To control what you’re presenting to students, you can either use the purple buttons on your Presentation tab OR you can use the purple button on the Teacher Guide tab.

You can also present student work by hitting Present. This will anonymize student names on the Presentation tab.

To learn about other functionalities of Amplify’s digital teaching platform, click here.

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