ClassLink is available to all Core Curriculum customers for Back-to-School 2021.

Districts connecting to Amplify via ClassLink must ensure that their ClassLink Technical Configurations meet the following requirements:

  • The district will authenticate users (teachers and students) through ClassLink.

  • The district’s enrollment app (OneRoster) and login app (oAuth2) must include matching username fields.

  • The district should filter data to only share data with teachers and students using Amplify’s programs.

  • A district object (that illustrates or describes the institution hierarchy: see example below) with the district’s name must be shared with Amplify through ClassLink. This information should be obtained as part of the initial setup process with ClassLink; any questions should be directed to ClassLink’s customer service.

Next Steps for the District and Amplify

Amplify’s Enrollment & Licensing (E&L) team will schedule a call with the district representatives to walk through the steps outlined below and come to an agreement on a timeline for these steps. Please see our help center's Start Here section for articles containing a sample timeline. Generally these steps span the course of two weeks.

  1. District: Share Roster with Amplify Curriculum App in ClassLink's RosterServer

  2. District: Configure the oAuth2 App in ClassLink's App Library

  3. District: Share the district Tenant ID and SourceID (ClassLink-provided information) for the district object (ClassLink will help set up the district object) with Amplify via the Egnyte file sharing system.

  4. Amplify E&L: Verify the information the district is sharing in ClassLink Console before enabling upload of the District’s roster to Amplify’s Enrollment Database.

  5. Amplify E&L: License Amplify products to the district (after data arrives)

  6. Amplify E&L: Notify the district that licensing is complete

  7. District: Confirm that test login works for a select (predetermined) number of teacher(s) and student(s) accounts before communicating to all users

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