Accessibility in CKLA and Caminos

At Amplify, our mission is to serve all students by providing high-quality instructional materials.

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We prioritize meeting each students’ specific learning needs.

Within Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos, we have prioritized the WCAG AA standards to ensure compliance and have met and exceeded accessibility standards in several areas including: keyboard navigation, screen readability, video captions, alt text, and more.

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard navigation enables students to engage with a program without needing to use a mouse. This benefits people with vision impairment and those who have difficulty using a mouse. Within the Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos digital experience, a user is able to go from start to finish using only their keyboard.

Screen Reader

The screen reader provides a spoken version of what is displayed on the screen. Screen readers navigate through content and highlight for users. This is beneficial for people who are sight impaired or with cognitive and learning disabilities, as well as those who may be English Language Learners. All components of the Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos digital experience are screen readable and have been specifically tested in JAWS, VoiceOver, and NVDA.

Video Captions

Video captions are a text version of the audio in videos. They are synchronized with the audio and appear once a user has turned them on. Captions provide content to people who are hearing impaired or with an audio-processing disability. In the Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos digital experience, a user can turn on closed captions at any time during the video and the video will resume with captions from that point.

Image Alt Text

All images that are presented to a user must have a text alternative that serves the equivalent purpose. Alt text may help some people who have difficulty understanding the meaning of photographs, drawings, and other images. Alt text can also partner with a screen reader to enable users who are sight-impaired to be able to learn about what is displayed in an image through the screen reader reading aloud the alt text describing that image. In the Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos digital experience, all images have alt text students can use to decipher meaning.

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