Amplify CKLA: eReader

More accessible experience with highlighting, bookmarking, read-aloud, and note-taking.

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Amplify eReaders create a more accessible experience and support students in growing their close reading and reading comprehension skills.

The following features are available in the eReader within the Hub:


Grades K–2

Students can highlight text by clicking on any word in the eReader. If students click and highlight multiple words in a row, the phrase will turn into a continuous highlight. To remove a highlight, students can simply click on the word again and the highlight will disappear.

If students in grades K–2 are using shared usernames, they will be able to see the highlights and bookmarks created by other students.

Grades 3–5

Students can highlight by clicking and dragging across any word, phrase, or sentence in the Grade 3–5 eReaders. If students want to resize or adjust their selection, they can use the circular draggers.

Students can choose between four different color options. After students create a highlight, they have the option to also create a note.


Grades K–5

Students can place a bookmark on any page by clicking on the orange bookmark in the upper-left corner of any page in the eReader.

Students can see which chapter their bookmark is in by viewing the Table of Contents. They can also click Go To Bookmark in the Table of Contents menu to jump directly to that page.


Grades K–5

Teachers and students can now magnify pages in their eReaders to make text and visuals appear bigger, without affecting text quality or page layout.

The magnification feature can be utilized to zoom in or zoom out. To zoom in, click the magnifying glass with + or the zoom-in icon. To zoom out, click the magnifying glass with – or the zoom-out icon. Both icons are located in the lower-right corner of the screen.

The default page starts at no magnification (100%). The eReaders cannot be zoomed out further than this.

Each zoom-in level increases text and visuals’ size by a fixed 25%. The maximum zoom is 200%, or 4 clicks on the zoom-in icon.

Depending on the size and aspect ratio of the user's screen, at certain zoom levels, students can scroll horizontally and vertically, as needed.


The eReader’s read-aloud function can be accessed by clicking the Sound icon in the upper right.

The eReader highlights the word being spoken, so students can follow along.

Students can change the reading speed to Slower (0.75x), Medium (1x), or Faster (1.25x) by clicking the Reading Speed icon.


Grades 3–5

When a word or words are highlighted, students can create a note by clicking Add Note.

They can move or resize the text box, so it doesn’t cover the text.

Students can revisit, edit, or delete their notes by clicking the Notes icon next to the highlight.

Downloading PDFs


Teachers can access downloadable PDFs of books in the eReader Library by clicking the PDF icon in the upper right. Educators who access the links must be logged in with their Amplify credentials.

PDF files for all eReaders are not yet available.

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