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District Setup for Amplify LTI 1.3 App for Canvas
District Setup for Amplify LTI 1.3 App for Canvas

As a district administrator, how do I install the Amplify LTI version 1.3 app in Canvas?

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District admins can configure the Amplify Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) version 1.3 app in their Canvas district account to enable students and teachers to log in to Amplify programs from district configured Canvas accounts. When using Amplify Classwork, teachers can also sync grades from Amplify to Canvas.

This is available for districts upon request. If you are interested in integrating Amplify with Canvas, please contact our Customer Care & Support team.

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District Admin Setup Steps

The following steps will walk you through the Amplify LTI 1.3 App setup process.

Remember: If you already have an LTI 1.1 integration, you must follow the steps for Migrating from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3 in Canvas before taking any of these steps.

  1. First, navigate to the District Admin account settings in Canvas.

    1. Log in to your district’s Canvas instance.

    2. Navigate to the Admin tab in the left navigation.

    3. Choose the account to add the Amplify 1.3 app.

  2. Next, add the Developer Key and LTI Key. In the left navigation menu, scroll to and select Developer Keys.

    1. Select +Developer Key.

    2. Then, select +LTI Key.

  3. Enter Developer Key Settings.

    1. Name the App by filling out the Key Name field.

    2. Then, enter the desired email address in the Owner Email field. This makes the app easier to locate after setup.

    3. Update Method by selecting Enter URL.

    4. Paste the JSON URL from Amplify in the JSON URL field: This will enable both launch and grade sync.

    5. Click the Save button.

      Note: At this point, the App will be created but not installed.

  4. Copy Client ID.

    1. Highlight and copy the Client ID, which is found above the Show Key app key button.

    2. If the key is not toggled on in the State column, click to toggle it On.

  5. Set App Configurations.

    1. Navigate to Admin → Account → Settings → Apps → View App Configurations.

    2. Next, click +App.

    3. Now, select Configuration type = By Client ID.

    4. Paste the Client ID copied in Step 4 and click Submit.

  6. Install App.

    1. Click Install.

    2. A secondary window may display. If so, click Yes, Install Tool.

  7. Retrieve Deployment ID.

    1. Navigate to Admin → Settings → App → View App Configs.

    2. Click the gear icon next to the Amplify tool you just installed.

  8. Highlight and copy the Deployment ID.

  9. Share the Deployment ID, Client ID and District Canvas URL with Amplify via secure email. This must be done in order for grade sync to work.

  10. Add app to sub-accounts (if applicable).

    1. Click Sub-Accounts from the menu navigation.

    2. Select the sub-account you would like to add.

    3. After selecting the sub-account, repeat steps 4–6 to add the app. This must be repeated for each sub-account.

Note: Each course that is expected to launch with Amplify should have the Amplify 1.3 app installed, as detailed in the Teacher Set Up help article.

Learn more about sub-accounts from Canvas.

The Teacher and Student Login Experience

Once the Amplify app has been installed and configured, teachers and students can launch Amplify and will be signed in to their Amplify account automatically.

Teachers and students see the Amplify 1.3 app link in the course navigation menu.

By clicking the link, they open the app in a new tab, are automatically signed into their account, and directed to their Amplify home page.

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