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Amplify Math: 6–8 Administrator Reports
Amplify Math: 6–8 Administrator Reports

Math Administrator Reports for grades 6–8

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Math 6–8 Administrator Reports

District and school administrators can now see how their students and teachers are using Amplify Math and learn how to better support their teachers, coaches, and students.

The Math Administrator Reports provide insight for administrators to review usage and student outcomes. The Reports detail usage of Amplify Math, unit completion, and student outcomes throughout the year. Detailed usage and assessment data reports are also available for download as a CSV file.

Districts and school administrators overseeing classrooms that have other Amplify core products or Boost supplemental products will be able to see all available Admin Reports in the same application.


Administrators can see an overview of student and teacher logins, activity, and unit completion through the new Usage reports.

  • Logins by school or class and by grade

    • Number of logins during the current school year. For administrators this is the most useful to review at the beginning of the year to check and ensure teachers and students are implementing the program.

  • Weekly active users

    • Usage throughout the year by week

  • Submitted student work

    • Student submissions for lessons

  • Completed units

    • Number of students who have completed the end-of-unit assessment. This can be useful in determining which units each class has completed.


Administrators can track student assessment outcomes by district, school, grade level, or class.

Please note these assessment reports depend on teachers to score all manually-scored items to have the most accurate data to display.

This report shows three assessments for each unit:

  • Pre-unit readiness check

    • This assessment measures prerequisite knowledge, not actual content of the unit itself.

  • Mid-unit assessment

    • For longer units, we split up the content into two halves with two summative assessments (one for each half). The assessment that covers the first half is the mid-unit assessment, with the end-of-unit assessment covering the second half.

  • End-of-unit assessment

    • This covers the content for the whole unit if the unit does not have a mid-unit assessment or the content in the second half if there is a mid-unit assessment.

Administrators can view your students’ outcomes for each unit by hovering over the Performance (when submitted) bars and viewing the pop-up that comes up.

Data export

Administrators can download student Usage and Assessment performance data.

After selecting the year (only the current school year is available; more historical data will be available as your district/school continues to use Amplify Math), click on the Export CSV button to download a file that includes summarized student usage activity or student assessment performance aggregated over the school year.

  • The size of the file will continue to grow as the school year progresses and more data is accumulated.

  • If you are a district administrator or a multi-school administrator, use the drop-down menu to filter Data Export on a specific school. Once a specific school is selected, click the Export CSV button to download a CSV for that school.

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