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Teachers and students with a Spanish support license can switch back and forth between English and Spanish for all elements of the Amplify Science K–5 digital experience. Teachers can also decide which language their students see and whether students have their own language toggle.

Switch between languages


After teachers select Teach for a lesson, they can control which language they and their students see from the language settings.

Language settings can be accessed by clicking the menu at the bottom right corner of the screen.

menu button

Teachers can change the language from the presentation tab as well as in the teacher guide tab, and the two sync with one another.

When a teacher switches to Spanish, all elements on the page change, including instructional components, content, teacher notes, and even videos.

Teachers can also choose which students have access to the language toggle in their account by clicking Settings under Class Language.

Within the Class Language Settings panel, teachers will find a list of all students in their class (use the drop down to switch between class sections, if needed), as well as columns for English, Español, and student control. Using these columns, teachers decide whether or not each student can see the language toggle (Student Control), and, if not, in which of the two languages the student’s content will appear.

The first row in the list of students will always be “ALL STUDENTS,” which allows teachers to quickly set the same permissions for all students in the class at once, if they’d prefer. The teacher’s demo student also exists on this list and performs in the same way as any other student accounts.


When their teacher has granted student control, students will have a toggle that controls the language for all of their content, including slides, simulations, data tools, modeling tools, sorting tools, and student books. The language toggle is blue when the student is viewing content in English, and red when viewing in Spanish.

Student work is automatically saved and this save applies to both English and Spanish languages, so students won’t lose their work if they switch languages while using a worksheet.


All Amplify Science content within the digital experience is available in both English and Spanish, but any lesson that has been customized will not have automatic translations or the language toggle.

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