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Amplify Student Home provides a space for students in the Amplify digital experience to access what they need each day. Students across grades K–5 will be able to view and interact with digital lessons all from one central location. This help article collection describes the complete digital experience.

How to access Student Home

Student Home will act as the entry-point for all students within the digital experience. Students will be directed to Student Home from whenever they log into Amplify at There, students will be able to navigate to every program they need access to.

Learn more about the student experience or jump ahead to learn about how to assign lessons in Student Home:

Student experience

When students enter Student Home for the first time each day, they will see a welcome message followed by a check-in question where they will choose their own emoji for that day.

Teachers can view Student Home by going to where they see their class’s current list of assignments.

Student Home acts as a launch point into the digital lesson experience. When an educator clicks Start Class or Pull to Lesson, students will be pulled into the lesson.

Educators can also assign digital lessons that will show up in each student’s assignment stream. In grades K–1, each assignment includes a thumbnail, a lesson number, and subject.

Grades K–1

In grades 2–5, each assignment includes a thumbnail, a lesson title, subject and a due date (if set by the teacher).

Grades 2–3

Grades 4–5

You can find more information on assigning in the section below.

Students can check off assignments when they are done. When they click on the circle, a checkmark will appear and the assignment will move to the Past Work folder.

How to assign lessons in Student Home

Within the assignment panel, teachers can schedule assignments in advance. This will determine the date and time the assignment will appear in Student Home.

Teachers can also set a due date. If teachers assign a due date, the assignment will continue to appear on their page until midnight on that particular date. If there is not a set due date, then assignments will disappear from Student Home at midnight on the day they were assigned.

Click here to learn more about assigning lessons in the Amplify digital experience.

If students need to access a lesson on their own, whether to complete a full lesson asynchronously or to finish an activity page at home, then that lesson should be assigned in order to appear in their Student Home.

If students do not have any assignments when they log in, then they will see a picture of an animal on their screen. Here, they can wait to be launched into the lesson by their teacher.

How to create your avatar

Students can customize their avatars to represent themselves or a character out of their imagination. They can access the avatar builder through Student Home, where they can save their choices or download the saved avatar onto a computer for later!

For students to create their avatar:

  1. Click Student Home.

  2. Click the avatar icon in the upper part of your screen.

  3. Students can click through the icons to change their avatar's face, hair, clothes, and glasses.

  4. Students can click Save to save their avatar.

  5. Saved! displays, confirming the avatar has been saved.

  6. Students can also download their avatar by clicking the down arrow to the left of the Save option.

  7. A png file displays at the bottom of the screen, confirming the avatar has been downloaded.

    The red refresh button will undo any selections they have made so they can start again from scratch.

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