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The Amplify Science digital experience for grades K–5
The Amplify Science digital experience for grades K–5

Try Amplify Science digital experience!

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Amplify Science offers digital experience licenses that make elementary instruction more flexible for students and teachers, and provides additional means to engage in remote, hybrid, or in-person learning!

Navigating the digital experience: Unit overview

Navigating the digital experience: Lesson overview

Teaching the digital experience

Reviewing student work in the digital experience

Student-facing digital lessons

With the digital experience, students can engage with digital lesson content in one cohesive experience. It’s the same content from Amplify science in a new, integrated format where students can interact with slides, sims, modeling tools, videos, books, and more.

Digital student notebook pages

Students can draw, write, record audio, and insert images into their Investigation Notebook pages. Their work is automatically saved and delivered to you in real time. When students edit their work, those edits are immediately reflected on your teacher work review page. You can access student responses by clicking "View Work," where you can see students’ Investigation Notebook pages from the lesson, updating live.

Assign in Amplify

The digital experience allows flexibility with optional features like scheduling assignments in advance and setting due dates.

You can use Scheduling to determine the date and time that the assignment appears in Student Home. You have the flexibility to schedule when assignments appear and use dates to remove assignments from Student Home.

Learn more about assigning in Amplify here.

Assign in an LMS

You can also assign lessons via our integrations with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams, or by copying a lesson link and sharing it with students through the platform of your choice. The assignment link you send will provide students with direct access to the full lesson—slides, videos, digital tools, and worksheet activities—no student platform navigation required! Learn more about assigning to an LMS here.

Teacher platform and presentation

Explore teacher-facing lesson content—including sample teacher talk, student responses, pedagogical support, and possible student responses—on your private Teacher Guide tab. Students will only see the lesson slides that you are presenting.

You can choose to pause student screens during the presentation when they do not need their devices or when you’d like their attention. Clicking Pause on the Teacher Guide tab will freeze student screens and anEyes on Teacher message displays.

Pacing Options

You have a variety of options to control how students navigate within the digital experience. You can use the default teacher-led mode to tie students to your presentation location as you advance through the lesson, or choose to turn on student-navigated mode, allowing students to navigate through the lessons themselves.

You can also set specific student pacing, where you pick which slides students can access and move between. See more about student pacing here.

Work review and presentation

Watch your students’ thinking unfold in real time as they navigate digital tools and complete interactive notebook pages. Identify gaps in understanding when you scan View Work, or use Present Student Work to foster discussion and sensemaking by anonymously sharing students’ pages.

Interactive Notebook

The Interactive Notebook pages are a digital version of the Investigation Notebook (Science).

Students and teachers use the Interactive Notebook pages to complete activities, respond to questions, and demonstrate learning. Teachers often utilize them to demonstrate various functionality, how to complete an activity, or exhibit other instructional content, and many have requested a way to easily clear that work.

Clear All button

The Clear All button wipes all educator work on Interactive Notebook pages. This button will not affect student work.

Once you Clear All, you cannot recover your work or undo this action on your Interactive Notebook page.

How to use Clear All:

  1. Hover over the Recycle bin in the lower-right.

  2. Hover over the icon and Clear all displays.

  3. Click Clear all. A warning displays confirming you would like to proceed with clearing work, including on Interactive Notebook pages that reappear elsewhere in the curriculum.

  4. The Interactive Notebook page will be cleared of all teacher work, and the original blank state will be restored.

Customizable Lessons

Make the digital experience fit your classroom with MyAmplify for Google Slides. You can use the MyAmplify for Google Slides Add-On to copy and customize lesson slides. You can also add interactive worksheets, videos, games, and websites and then publish your customized lesson back to Amplify.

Learn more about MyAmplify for Google Slides here.

Educator and Student Home

Educator Home

Lesson access is easy for students and educatorss. You can access the lessons, and review recent and assigned lessons. You can quickly pull up students' digital Investigation Notebook pages without the need to launch an individual lesson.

Learn more about Educator Home here.

Student Home

On Student Home, students can access their assigned lessons. They can mark assignments as done, go back into prior assignments, and access the Student Apps page. Learn more about Student Home here.

Spanish Content

The digital experience includes a Spanish/English toggle for districts and schools who have purchased the Spanish add-on license. Teachers can pre-set the language for students, as well as determine which students have the ability to switch between languages. Click here to learn more about the Amplify digital experience Spanish content.

Administrator Reports

Administrators can review Administrator Reports to see teacher and student usage and log-in data for the digital experience in the current school year. Reports include information for number of log-ins (by total, school, class, or grade) as well as weekly active users (broken down by teachers and students). Administrators can directly access these reports at

Teacher-Only digital experience

You can choose to utilize a Teacher-Only digital experience license, without student licenses. Some features of the Teacher-Only experience differ without student accounts.

Find out more here.

Want to learn more about the digital experience?

Check out the FAQ, engage in some exploration, or contact your Amplify representative for more information.

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