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Support for mCLASS assessment and mCLASS Intervention
Support for mCLASS assessment and mCLASS Intervention
mCLASS Assessment support for teachers and administrators
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mCLASS class and student reports

  • Navigate to and log in (see this article for instructions on logging in and navigating to mCLASS Home).

  • In the Global Navigation bar at the top of the mCLASS Home page, click Support to open the mCLASS Support and Resource Center, where you can view PDFs and links to other support materials related to your mCLASS products.

  • Click a product tile:

  • Navigate to the product report you want to view.

  • Click the Help link in the upper right corner of a report page to open a context-specific help topic for that report. For example: Click Reading and then click Help to view the DIBELS 8th Edition Benchmark Class Summary Report Online Help.

mCLASS assessment with DIBELS 8th Edition

  • On your mobile device, log in to the mCLASS App.

  • Tap the Settings button to the left of your name on the mCLASS Dashboard.

  • Tap Online Help.

  • In the panel that opens, tap the name of the Help you’d like to view.

mCLASS assessment with DIBELS Next

  • On your mobile device, log in to the mCLASS App.

  • Tap the ? in the bottom-right corner of the Application Selection screen.

  • In the pop-up window, select the Help you’d like to view from the drop-down list and tap OK.

mCLASS Intervention

You can find help with your mCLASS Intervention program at the mCLASS Intervention Hub.

Navigate to the Intervention Hub and select your version of DIBELS.

Search for a specific help topic using the Search field or browse the Help topics on the page.

Additional help

If you need additional assistance with mCLASS, contact Amplify Customer Care and Support.

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