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Amplify Science 6–8: Administrator Reports
Amplify Science 6–8: Administrator Reports

How can administrators access reports for Middle School Science?

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Self-service Administrator Reports are available for the Amplify Science 6-8. District and school administrators can access these reports from their Programs and Apps menu.

With Administrator Reports access, administrators can see an overview of teacher and student usage and performance data by unit or skill for the current school year. Detailed assessment data report views are also available for download as a CSV file.

Districts and school administrators overseeing classrooms that are also active in other Amplify programs will be able to see those reports in the same application.

How to get access

In order to access Administrator Reports, administrators must have access to Amplify Science 6–8 curriculum and have Reporting Access permission associated with their district or school. If you believe your account has met those two criteria but you are still not able to see Administrator Reports, please reach out to one of your colleagues who has System Access for assistance.

Find your colleagues

You can find your colleagues who have System Access by navigating to the Amplify Admin Portal.

  1. Click Admin Portal in your Programs and Apps menu. The Rosters page of the Admin Portal displays.

  2. To find colleagues who can help, click Permissions & Rostering on the Rosters page.

    On the panel that displays, click Get help from colleagues to see the list of your colleagues who can help you get access to the Administrator Reports.


Data in Administrator Reports are updated daily overnight. Administrators can log in at any time and see student activity and progress up to the previous school day.


Administrators will first land on the Snapshots page. The Snapshots page provides a quick glance at the number of student logins versus total licensed students, and teacher logins versus total licensed teachers. Logins indicate that the student or teacher has signed in and accessed at least one Amplify page since the start of the school year. Licensed students and teachers have been given access to Amplify.

Data on this page is aggregated based on the districts or schools that admins are associated with. For example, a district administrator would see a total active and licensed to Amplify Science across all schools in the district, and a school administrator would see a total for their specific school(s).

From the Snapshots page, Administrators will find an intuitive experience while navigating with a top horizontal navigation bar and corresponding sub-links on the left side navigation.

  • Click Explore Reports to see Usage reports

  • Click Download Data to see the Export Data page


Administrators can see an overview of student and teacher activity through Usage reports, including:

  • Active users

  • Units taught in the last week

  • Number of students who have completed a reading assessment, by unit

  • Number of students who have done work in the curriculum, by unit

If you are a district administrator or a multi-school administrator, use the drop-down menu to filter results on a specific school. The reports on the page will reload each time a school or the district is selected.


Administrators can see if students are mastering the Science content by their Progress Build levels from Pre-Unit, Critical Juncture, and End-of-Unit Assessments, by clicking Outcomes in the upper left to view.

Please note the Outcomes page presents all available Progress Build reports for all Amplify Science core units with assessments. Launch units and engineering internships do not include assessments. If your school or district has opted out of specific units, the reports will display blank.

If you are a district administrator or a multi-school administrator, use the list on the upper left to filter results for a specific school. The reports on the page will reload each time a school or the district is selected.

Data Export

Administrators can download student usage data, teacher usage data, and student assessment data:

  1. Click Download data as CSV.

  2. Choose the year for the data you want from the list.

  3. Choose the type of report you want to download:

    • Summary Usage Data

    • Assessment Data

    If data is not available, the options are inactive.

  4. Click Download CSV to download the report or Return to reports to cancel.

The size of the file will continue to grow as the school year progresses and more data is accumulated. For a detailed explanation of the columns and data included in the file, refer to the Export Guide for Science PDF available in the Administrator Reports app.

If you are a district administrator or a multi-school administrator, use the list to filter data for a specific school. Once a school is selected, click Download CSV to download a CSV for that school.

Customer Care and Support

If you need help, click the Amplify Chat icon in the lower right of your screen within the program.

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