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Optional answer validation for end-of unit assessments
Optional answer validation for end-of unit assessments

Can I enable students to see what they got correct and/or incorrect on unit assessments?

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This feature provides you with the option to reveal answer validation to students for the multiple choice portion of End-of-Unit Assessments.

Teacher view of answer validation

At the bottom of the expanded multiple choice activity in Classwork, you’ll see two checkboxes: Mark Incorrect and Reveal Correct.

By default, both boxes are unchecked. Once Mark Incorrect is checked, you’ll see that the “Reveal Correct” checkbox becomes available, as well. See the “student view of answer validation” section for the implications of checking these boxes.

You can check or uncheck the Mark Incorrect and Reveal Correct boxes for each End-of-Unit assessment as many times as you’d like. You may want to be mindful of when you reveal answers to students, though, as the assessment questions do not change year-to-year.

Also note that, regardless of the state of the Mark Incorrect or Reveal Correct checkboxes, answer validation will always be visible for you while reviewing student work on the assessments in Classwork.

Student view of answer validation

First, in order for students to access the assessment at all, whether to see answer validation, to update their responses, or to simply to take the assessment in the first place, you must have unlocked it for them.

If you leave the Mark Incorrect and Reveal Correct boxes unchecked, students will be able to view and update their responses in the multiple choice activity without any correct/incorrect markers appearing (see row 1 below).

In contrast, once you check the Mark Incorrect box, students who have already handed in their work will be notified that the activity is in read-only mode, and answer validation will be visible. They’ll see a red “x” on any of their multiple choice responses that were incorrect, but without any indication of the correct answer choices (see row 2). If instead their answer choice was correct, students will see it marked with a checkmark (see row 3).

If you choose to also check the Reveal Correct box, students will see an indicator of whether their answer choice was correct or incorrect, as described above, as well as a checkmark and yellow highlight on the correct answer (see rows 4 and 5).

Can I use the answer validation feature on Pre-Unit or Critical Juncture Assessments?

No, answer validation is only available for End-of-Unit Assessments. One reason for this is the Pre-Unit Assessment questions are identical to those on the End-of-Unit Assessment. This means revealing answers could impact the ability of the Pre-Unit Assessment to be used as a baseline from which to see growth over the span of the unit. In addition, the Pre-Unit Assessments are formative, and students have not yet had instruction on the concepts being assessed.

Similarly, students are not yet expected to have mastered all the concepts being assessed in the Critical Juncture Assessment, and they will have further opportunity to engage with these concepts in future lessons. The Critical Juncture Assessment is intended to provide you with formative information for differentiating the class.

Can I grant answer validation to some students but not others?

Answer validation is applied at the class-level, which means that individual students in a class cannot be granted different access to answer validation. However, the activity will not become “read-only” or show answer validation for any students who have “In Progress” or “Not Started” work. Once students with incomplete work do press “Hand in,” the activity will become read-only for them, too, and answer validation will apply.

Will my selection of answer validation options be applied to all of my units’ End-of-Unit assessments?

No, the answer validation settings you set when filtered to a particular unit and class section in Classwork will not carry over to any of your other classes or units.

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