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How to lock/unlock Assessments in Amplify Science 6–8
How to lock/unlock Assessments in Amplify Science 6–8

How do I lock and/or unlock unit assessments for my students?

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Each core unit in Amplify Science 6–8 includes a Pre-assessment, a Critical Juncture assessment, and a Post-assessment. To prevent students from looking at assessment items before you are ready for them to do so, the lessons that contain these assessments are locked by default.

To allow students to access an assessment, click Settings, then choose whether you would like to open the assessment for all students in a class, or just particular students.

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The assessment lesson must be unlocked in order for students to view any scores or feedback you send back to them from your Classwork app.

There is also an option to allow access to the audio feature within the assessment. Again, you can choose to grant access to individual students or to an entire class.

When you enable the audio feature, students will see a play button above each assessment item. Clicking the play button will read the assessment item aloud for the student.

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