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mCLASS: Spanish Assessment
mCLASS: Spanish Assessment

An overview of our Spanish assessment offerings

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mCLASS Spanish Assessment

mCLASS® offers expanded Spanish language assessments to better serve the Spanish speaking student population. These assessments will further equip educators to support students in their heritage language development and towards biliteracy in English and Spanish.

The Spanish language assessments being offered for the 2023-2024 school year are:

  • mCLASS Lectura

  • mCLASS Vocabulary Español

  • mCLASS Spelling Español

  • Amplify Oral Language Español

  • Amplify Atlas Espanol

Click here for more information about the Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) benchmark book set for Spanish, Amplify Atlas Espanol.

mCLASS Spanish assessments are all designed with consideration of how skills are acquired in Spanish literacy development.

mCLASS Lectura

mCLASS Lectura is Amplify’s universal screening, dyslexia screening, and progress monitoring assessment suite for students in kindergarten through sixth grade. Based on the science behind how students learn to read in Spanish, mCLASS Lectura gives teachers tools to connect with and build understanding with their Spanish-speaking students one-on-one. Teachers are able to pinpoint where their Spanish-speaking or emergent bilingual students really are in their skills development and what instruction to prioritize.

The assessment content was written by native Spanish speakers with regional diversity and includes culturally relevant subject matter to engage your students while supporting their skill development. The new assessments have been designed based on the latest research on the acquisition and development of Spanish literacy skills.

mCLASS Lectura is designed to support K-6 students by providing you with early literacy assessment data grounded in the Science of Reading that will highlight areas of risk your students may have as they develop into readers in both Spanish and English. It delivers complete parity between English and Spanish assessments. mCLASS Lectura helps accelerate reading growth for your Spanish-speaking students by pinpointing where they are in their literacy skill development and what instruction to prioritize. mCLASS Lectura also provides grouping recommendations and instructional resources to help you analyze your students’ skill sets in Spanish and English simultaneously, through our Dual Language reporting.

New: Zonas de crecimiento in mCLASS Lectura

mCLASS Lectura now includes Zonas de crecimiento, which helps educators set meaningful and attainable individual student goals and measure progress relative to other students in the same grade with the same level of initial reading skills.

The mCLASS Lectura Progress Monitoring (PM) reports page includes tools for goal setting and evaluating growth outcomes based on students' benchmark scores. You can find these goal-setting tools on the Goal Setting and Growth Outcomes tabs of the Progress Monitoring page.

The Growth Outcomes component of Goal Setting shows whether students have met their goals for each skill. Teachers can identify students who are struggling to reach their benchmark goals.

New Progress Monitoring (PM) Recommendations

mCLASS Lectura has updated PM Recommendations for Back to School 2023! Based on a student's grade level, benchmark performance, and progress monitoring performance (if any), mCLASS offers recommendations for progress monitoring. If the student is at-risk for one or more skills, mCLASS recommends a progress monitoring measure based on the grade level measure that most clearly indicates growth in the particular skills. mCLASS keeps track of students' progress on each skill and (after an appropriate number of data points are collected) will flag whether the student is on- or off-track to meet goals for their target skill(s).

mCLASS Biliteracy Assessment Resources

This video explores the mCLASS Biliteracy Assessment Resources available in the PD Library.

mCLASS Vocabulary Español

The mCLASS Vocabulary Español assessment serves as an indicator of students’ general vocabulary knowledge, ability to use context to determine word meaning, and understanding of word relationships.

Like its English counterpart, this assessment is administered online via our student testing platform, allowing it to be group administered. Students listen to the audio prompts and make selections, and the system scores each item.

The assessment comes with a number of important reporting tools, including the Spanish Instruction tool where vocabulary assessment results are used to drive grouping and instructional recommendations.

mCLASS Spelling Español

The mCLASS Spelling Español assessment provides an indication of a student’s level of general spelling skills compared to other students, as well as if the student is progressing sufficiently in spelling.

This assessment closely follows the design and administration rules of the mCLASS English Spelling assessment. The measure is administered online via our student testing platform, allowing it to be group administered. Students listen to the audio prompts and make selections, and the system scores each item.

Amplify Oral Language Español

Amplify Oral Language (OL) Español efficiently identifies students who will likely struggle with the language structures that are foundational to comprehending early reader texts, understanding interpersonal communication, and writing.

As with the English version, OL Español is an untimed assessment conducted in a 1:1 observational setting using our teacher facing platform. An assessor reads sentences aloud to the student, and the student is instructed to repeat each sentence orally. The assessor marks any errors made by the student on her device using a set of predetermined miscues.

Additional highlights of the mCLASS Spanish assessments

  • The mCLASS Spanish assessment suite includes the Dual Language report to support your students’ biliteracy journeys.

  • mCLASS administrators have the flexibility to set different benchmark windows for English and Spanish testing.

Dual Language Report

Students assessed with mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition and mCLASS Lectura have a Dual Language report showing a side-by-side overview of their Spanish and English skills. If students are assessed with mCLASS Vocabulary, mCLASS Vocabulary Español, TRC, or TRC Español, those results also factor into students’ Dual Language reports.

The Dual Language report provides teachers with combined results in both English and Spanish with instructional recommendations specific to the student's profile.

Benchmark Windows

Administrators can set different testing windows for English and Spanish assessment in mCLASS to better fit your school’s testing schedules. Administrators use the same procedure for setting the benchmark windows, except that they will be able to specify benchmark dates for both English language and Spanish language assessments.

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