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Amplify CKLA Hub: The teacher experience
Amplify CKLA Hub: The teacher experience
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The Amplify CKLA Hub is a digital experience that connects students to the rich media and apps available in the Amplify CKLA program. You have access to an experience that mirrors the student view and includes links to reporting.

Some of your teacher experience features include:

Project the Amplify CKLA resources to students

The enriched teacher experience allows for projection in class to engage your students in the full suite of digital resources, while encouraging independent time within the hub.

K–2 Theater: Knowledge Builders

You can use Knowledge Builders to introduce students to exciting characters, places, and concepts. These videos should be used alongside the domain introduction, launching students into the diverse worlds in the Amplify CKLA content. Each video has an accompanying guide that includes suggestions for follow-up questions and extension activities.

Amplify CKLA Knowledge Builders strengthen student’s vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension. Knowledge Builders can also be used during:

  • Pausing points

  • Culminating activities

  • Domain review

View the student experience with the same content

The Amplify CKLA Hub is grade-specific and mirrors the student experience by displaying content related to specific grades. You will have the ability to move between each of their grades by simply tapping the grade displayed on the home screen and selecting the appropriate grade.

Easily navigate to the Hub

You can access the Amplify CKLA Hub by visiting and entering your Amplify credentials. It is also accessible through the teachers resource site.

Create and use shared student logins for Grades K–2

K–2 students will be able to log in with shared credentials created and provided by you. On each student device, navigate to, click log in, and enter the shared credentials.

Note: Shared student logins provide Amplify CKLA Hub K-2 students and students who aren’t yet enrolled by their school or district a way to access Amplify’s digital programs. There is one shared student login for each program.

You can also create a shared QR Code for students in grades K–2 or download individual QR Codes for students in grades 3–5.

  1. Navigate to and click on a class.

  2. Enable QR Codes for that class.

  3. Download students’ QR Codes.

QR Code Logins

Quickly log students in on devices

You and your students follow the same log in path to access the Amplify CKLA Student Hub. You can use the CK-2 mascot to establish shepherding moments for students throughout the Amplify CKLA hub.

Easily view Vocabulary App Reporting

While students work to master vocabulary words through game-like activities in the Vocabulary App, the teacher view allows you to easily access and review Vocabulary App Reporting.

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