Amplify Hub: K–2 experience
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The Amplify Hub allows students to independently access instructional multimedia experiences. The K–2 experience has three main components:

Knowledge Builders

These videos enrich lessons with multimedia experience, engage students in content, and make learning fun. The videos introduce each unit or domain, activating content and vocabulary knowledge, supporting reading comprehension, and generating student engagement.

Sound Library

The Sound Library contains resources to help students learn, recognize, and articulate individual sounds. Students can select sound cards organized by Skills Strand units.

On each sound card, students can tap to hear proper pronunciation, and watch an articulation video and a short music video.

The articulation video demonstrates letter formation. Students learn from a real kid articulating the sound with fun animations.

The music videos feature characters dancing to music and lyrics to follow along. This fosters a love of language and incorporates exciting opportunities for students to practice sounds and sound spellings.

eReader Library

Access the complete description of the eReader Library for more information on this component.

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