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Amplify CKLA Independent Reading Facilitation Guide
Amplify CKLA Independent Reading Facilitation Guide
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The Independent Reading Facilitation Guide is designed to help you enact an independent reading program that develops and enhances students' reading abilities.

This resource—intended to be used alongside Amplify CKLA—provides step-by-step implementation guidance for setting up an independent reading program and includes reading logs, graphic organizers, discussion questions, and other materials to ensure the program’s success.

Amplify CKLA Independent Reading encourages and enables students to: 

  • Read chapter books, picture books, informational text, and literature, including fiction, poetry, and plays

  • Select books of personal interest

  • Become engaged learners

  • Develop keen critical-thinking skills

  • Become independent thinkers and lifelong readers

  • Explore and understand the power of language

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