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Amplify CKLA Essential Questions and Prompts
Amplify CKLA Essential Questions and Prompts
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The Essential Questions and Prompts guides for Grades 3–5 contain essential and guiding questions for each unit. Each guide features questions, writing prompts, and activities that enable students to engage meaningfully with new information and ideas they have learned in each unit and express what they’ve learned with creative and collaborative projects.

Using the guides with each unit ensures that students not only acquire content knowledge, but that they also have multiple opportunities to interact purposefully with the text and gain a deeper understanding of the topics. Each guide includes the following: 

  • One essential question for the overall unit

  • Guiding questions to help students work toward unpacking the essential question by breaking it down into smaller components

  • Writing prompts that deepen student exploration of the unit’s themes

  • Culminating activities that invite students to work together, demonstrate their literacy skills and knowledge acquisition, and learn with and from each other

  • Selected units include Interactive Read-Alouds built around domain-based passages that are above grade level and designed to help introduce students to domain content

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