Amplify Science unit kits

What physical materials come with the curriculum?

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There are physical materials associated with every unit of Amplify Science. These materials are packaged together in a kit for each unit, and are available for purchase from Amplify.

Kits include two types of materials: 1) Hands-on manipulatives and 2) Print materials. You can find information about everything in a unit’s kit, as well as tips for preparing the materials for use with students, within the Materials and Preparation resource located under Planning for the Unit on the Unit Overview page.

If you’d like to get a sense of what is included in the kits for all of the units you’ll be teaching, you can check out the kit lists organized by grade level here:

Materials kit list grades K–5
Materials kit list grades 6–8

Note that for each unit, some of the print materials from the kit will be used to create a Classroom Wall. You can find examples here. In grades 6–8, there is also an Argumentation Wall referenced in many units.

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