In many grades 6–8 Amplify Science units, you construct a scientific argumentation wall in your classroom. This wall will feature components of, and concepts about, scientific argumentation, which students will learn throughout the unit. This is separate from the Classroom Wall and is described in detail in launch units.

Launch units are Microbiome, Geology on Mars, and Harnessing Human Energy

Printed components of the argumentation wall are included in Amplify Science launch unit kits.

You can also print argumentation wall cards or project them for the classroom, by visiting the curriculum website: 

  1. Navigate to a Unit.

  2. On the Unit Landing Page, scroll down or click on Jump Down to to Unit Guide.

  3. On the right-hand side, under Printable Resources, download the file Print Materials (8.5" x 11"). 

Example: Scientific Argumentation Wall cards inside the Microbiome Print Materials (8.5" x 11") PDF: 

An example of the completed argumentation wall is also available in the digital resources of the first argumentation lesson of the unit. 

  1. Select the Unit.

  2. Select the Chapter. 

  3. Select the Lesson.

  4. Underneath the Lesson Map on the right-hand side under Digital Resources, look for a downloadable PDF of Completed Argumentation Wall Diagram.

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