Update for the 2022-2023 school year: Amplify will continue to support Simple CSV and Structured CSV if you have used it previously. That said, we now offer Batch Upload rostering in the new Admin Portal, which processes your files immediately on upload. We will continue to support roster submission via Egnyte through the end of this school year, and you can continue to upload your simple or structured CSV files to Amplify via Egnyte. If you would prefer to expedite enrollment by uploading your rosters via the Admin Portal, speak to your Amplify Customer Success partner before you begin enrollment for the new school year.

If you choose to manually share enrollment data with Amplify, one method you can use is to send files via a Secure File drop-off link. Your Enrollment and Licensing (E&L) contact will send you an email with the sharing link embedded.

You can click the link in the email directly or copy the link into your web browser's address bar. The link takes you to the Send Files page. Fill in the required fields (name and email) as well as the district you’re submitting the data for. Before clicking Continue, please verify you’ve correctly completed all of the fields. Below is an example of a completed form:

When all of the fields are complete, click Continue. The file upload page displays.

On the file upload page, you can drag and drop a file or click the link to choose a file from your computer using the file explorer. You can enter a message to attach to the file upload if needed. When you’re done, the screen should look similar to the example below:

When you have attached the correct file and entered the optional message, click click Send these files.

And that’s it! Your enrollment contact will be notified of the new file transfer and will let you know when the file upload is complete, or if there is any additional information needed.

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