Adding a Class

Add students to a self-created class in three easy steps.

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If you want to divide your class roster into groups and add them to different self-created classes, this Class Code feature is designed for you. Teachers added as license administrators, managers or staff, are able to create classes in My Account. Keep in mind that Class Code should not be used for enrolling students if the district is enrolled to Amplify via any other method than self-enrollment.

If you don’t see any programs, you might not be licensed to any content or be a member of the content license. Please contact your district or school administrator or Amplify.

You can always view the classes which you are associated with in the Classes section of My Account at

Your district or school may have created classes for you automatically. However, if you need to create a class because you want to work with a smaller group of students, go to the main Classes page and click the Add Class button.  

There are 3 steps to create a class. 

1. Enter a name for your class that your students will recognize and click each applicable grade. Then click Add Class.

2. Select each program you want to assign to the class and click Assign Program.

3. Confirm the details of your new class and copy the unique Class Code, which your students can use to join this class. Add another class or click Done to return to your list of classes.

Once you copy the Class Code, you can send it to students over email, share it through platforms such as Google Classroom, or write it on the board! We recommend including a link to each assigned program.

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