You can always view the classes which you are associated with in the Classes section of My Account at

To ensure your students get the right content, you or an administrator at your school must associate at least one Amplify program with the class. A program is a unique set of content or applications; such as Amplify’s Grade 6 Science Program, Amplify’s Grade 8 ELA Program, or Amplify Fractions.

Each class can be assigned one or more programs. When districts or schools assign programs to classes, you have nothing further to do. If you believe one of your classes is missing a program, contact your district or school administrator or Amplify.

Districts or schools can add teachers as administrators to their licensed purchases. When that is the case, you can click Programs on a Class Details page to add a program to that class.

When a class has no assigned programs, the Assign Programs button displays to the right of the class on the main Classes page. Click it to add content.

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