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How do I access programs?

Guide to accessing and assigning programs for your classes.

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Programs overview

What are programs?

A program is a set of content or applications for a single school year or unit. Programs are sometimes specific to an edition or standards.

Examples of programs include: Algebra I, Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) Grade 3, or Weather Patterns.

To ensure your students get the right content, your programs can be assigned by Amplify at the start of school or an administrator at your school can associate desired Amplify programs with your students’ classes.

What is the difference between a program and a license?

Licenses are collections of programs, which are district and product specific. Some districts can have multiple licenses per school year. License durations can span multiple years and are based on your district's purchase of the programs.

How does a license membership work?

The Amplify support team can designate at least one optional licensed staff member at your district to provide access to classes for Amplify English Language Arts (ELA), CKLA, Caminos, Math, Science, or Boost Close Reading. License membership is not necessary for Boost Reading, Amplify Desmos Math, or mCLASS®.

How do I access my programs?

All programs are accessible from both Your Programs on Educator Home, and from the Programs & Apps menu located in the top-right corner.

Assigning programs

Each class can be assigned one or more programs. When programs are assigned to classes or your organization, you have nothing further to do.

What if I have a new class roster?

One or more programs can be applied to a person, class, or organization.

A program access rule is a set of criteria, usually enrollment filters, that define what program(s) should be. Rules define which classes should have which products.

If a new class in a school district is shared with Amplify and it matches the criteria of a program access rule, then all of the teachers and students in that class will be given access to the district’s Amplify programs within 24 hours.

Access provided by:



Licensed member

Amplify ELA



Amplify Desmos Math



Amplify Science



Amplify CKLA






Boost Reading



Boost Close Reading



Amplify Math



How do I assign programs?

  1. Log in to your Amplify account.

  2. Navigate to the Admin Portal from your Programs and Apps menu.

  3. Click Classes.

    Your class list displays.

  4. Select a class.

  5. Click Programs from the side menu to see which programs have been assigned to the class.

  6. Click Add Programs. You can see all your available programs and add programs to the class.

  7. Click the check box next to a program to select it. You can select multiple programs from the list, if needed.

  8. Click Add programs.The page refreshes and the class page displays. The program you added displays in the list.

  9. Click Save Updates on the upper-right corner. Your changes are saved and all the students and teachers in the class can now access this program.

Can I assign programs to students, teachers, and classes myself?

Who has permission to add programs?

License management is independent of having access as a system-access user. It provides the ability to manage programs on a license.

A license membership provides different levels of access to manage programs. These include owners, managers, and staff.

Owners can:

1. Receive programs and apply them to classes.

2. Add other license owners and managers, and staff members.

3. Manage their purchase and renewals. (This is done through conversation with Amplify.)

Managers can:

1. Receive programs and apply them to classes.

2. Add other license owners and managers, and staff members.

Staff can:

Receive programs and apply them to classes.Most system-access users have been set up as licensed staff members so they can add or remove programs from classes in the Admin Portal. They don’t need to be license owners or managers to do so.

Please note that Boost Reading, Amplify Desmos Math, and mCLASS are exempt from this, as access to the programs is granted to districts at the beginning of the school year by Amplify.

My license expired and I want to extend it.

Please contact your district or school administrator.

What if I have students join or leave my school? Will my district get charged?

You don’t need to worry about this! Amplify’s goal is for teachers and students to always have uninterrupted access to programs. We monitor license overages internally and would never block or limit access without providing your district advance notice.

I’m expecting to see programs, but I don’t. What should I do?

View the classes you are associated with in the Classes section of the Admin Portal at

If you don’t see any programs, contact your district or school administrator to make changes to this class.

I don’t see my mCLASS apps. Who do I contact?

If you are an mCLASS customer and you don’t see your mCLASS apps when you navigate to, please contact Amplify Customer Care and Support.

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