Managing Your Class Rosters

Check that your rosters are accurate and up-to-date.

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You can view the classes you are associated with in the Classes section of My Account at

Each of your classes is listed on this page. Click a class name to view its Class Details page, where you can view and modify its staff, students, and content.

When a class is created by your district or school, you do not have the option to manually change the student roster. However, when you create a class yourself, you can remove a student by clicking the arrow button to the right of the student’s name in the Actions column.

Removing a student does not delete the student’s account or work. It simply removes the student from the class roster, so he or she no longer displays when you view the class in your Amplify programs. Students removed from a class can no longer access programs or their work unless they are rostered in another class with access to the same content.

For classes created by the district or school on your behalf, contact the district or school administrator for your enrollment data to change a class roster. It can take a few days to make enrollment changes. If it is urgent for a student to start using an Amplify program, you can create a new class and invite the student in question to join it. Students must use the email address provided by the school when joining your new class so they will have access to their completed work once they are enrolled by your district or school.

If you're experiencing issues with your Class Roster, please see the article My Class Roster is Incorrect or contact Amplify Customer Support.

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