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How do I fix my class roster?

My class roster is not correct. I’m missing students and some students are in the wrong class periods.

Updated over a week ago

For Amplify enrollment

If you self-enroll, you can move students from one class to another with Manage Classes. If you are missing students, they can join your class using the class code provided when you created the class.

Learn more about Manage Classes.

Learn more about class codes.

For third-party enrollment sources

If your class roster was sent to Amplify via a third-party enrollment source, such as Clever, ClassLink, GG4L, or a CSV file, please contact your school IT administrator to coordinate with Amplify Customer Support. An updated class roster from your school IT administrator can be sent to Amplify via a CSV file or, if you use Clever, through an automated Clever connection.

Learn more about other enrollment sources.

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