Update for the 2022-2023 school year: Amplify will continue to support Simple CSV enrollment if you have used it previously. That said, we now have Batch Upload rostering in the new Admin Portal, which processes your files immediately on upload. We will support Simple CSV enrollment through the end of this school year, and you can continue to upload your simple.csv files to Amplify via Egnyte, our secure file-sharing system. If you would prefer to expedite enrollment by uploading your rosters via the Admin Portal, speak to your Amplify Customer Success partner before you begin enrollment for the new school year.

Simple CSV enrollment is a method you can use to securely share your roster data with Amplify via a CSV template (simple.csv) that you fill out with enrollment information. You should only review the rest of this document after communicating with our E&L team. 

This article explains how to obtain and populate the simple.csv file, send it to Amplify, and continue using it to keep your records up to date after your initial enrollment.

If you choose to enroll with our simple CSV method, you can send enrollment information to Amplify via our official simple.csv template. To ensure its security, we use Amplify's file transfer service, Egnyte. If you don’t have an Egnyte account or a link to submit the simple.csv file sent by your Amplify Enrollment and Licensing (E&L) contact, please contact your Amplify Project Manager.

Using Amplify’s simple.csv template to share enrollment information  

Amplify provides a simple.csv template that you can download and fill out with information for your participating schools, sections, staff, and students.  

  • After a check-in with Amplify E&L, your representative will send an email with notes outlining your implementation strategy, including a link to instructions for your chosen enrollment method.

  • The implementation email will also contain a link to share your completed enrollment files via Egnyte.

  • If you're missing any of this information, please contact your E&L team member or Amplify Customer Care and Support.

The simple.csv file containing your enrollment records must be formatted exactly as shown in the example below to ensure that Amplify can process your data successfully. Please make sure not to edit or move the CSV column headers or otherwise change the file format in any way. If you expect to update your enrollment during the school year, consider saving a copy of the blank template for future use.

To learn more about the columns, the data requirements, and the accepted values for each field in this CSV file, you can download the simple.csv data dictionary.

For staff, our enrollment system has multiple roles depending on the type of access that staff members need. These roles are districtAdmin, schoolAdmin, and teacher. If you are unsure which role to assign to a staff member, or have any questions about completing and submitting the simple.csv file, please reach out to your E&L representative.

Note: For teachers who oversee more than one section, you must enter their records multiple times, once for each section they teach. This also applies to students who are enrolled in multiple sections.

Once you fill out the CSV template, save it in an easily accessible location for uploading it and for reference if you need to update your roster during the school year.

Connecting with the Egnyte Secure File Transfer service

To share data via Egnyte, review our instructions for using Egnyte’s secure file transfer link. If you don’t have your district’s Egnyte link, please contact your E&L team member or Amplify Customer Care and Support.

Making and submitting roster changes via CSV upload

To make roster changes (roster additions, deletions, class period changes, etc.) after you complete and submit your initial simple.csv file, you can update your Amplify enrollment by submitting a new sample.csv file with any changes. 

Step 1: Locate your blank simple.csv template (or download a new one here) and open it.

Step 2: Add your roster changes to the file. You should only enter new or updated roster information; do not edit the full roster in the simple.csv file you submitted when you first enrolled with Amplify. Use the action column (Column A) of your new simple.csv file to specify which records Amplify should update or delete. The instructions you provide in the action column (ADD, REMOVE, DELETE) notify Amplify to create new student or teacher records, add students or teachers to additional sections, remove students or teachers from sections, and delete students or teachers from the system.

Step 3: Once you add all the required changes, send the completed simple.csv file using the Egnyte Secure File Transfer system.

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