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Understanding the Boost Lectura educator experience
Understanding the Boost Lectura educator experience

Tools to help educators and families get the most out of Boost Lectura.

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The Teacher Dashboard

The Teacher Dashboard is the core of the educator experience in Boost Lectura. It’s designed to empower you with data, help you prioritize, keep you focused, and ultimately save you time.

The Insights page gives you an at-a-glance overview of your students’ recent usage, subskill mastery, and trouble spots. This high-level summary highlights meaningful next steps you can take with students to further support their literacy journey.

The Students page shows you all your students’ key data points and their progress through the Boost Lectura skill map, in a traditional grid format.

From the Overview section teachers can review:

  • Usage

    • Today: Whether a student logged in.

    • Minutes: You can see usage totals for yesterday, this week, and last week.

  • Activity

    • Current quest

    • Subskills mastered for the year

    • Total open trouble spots

  • Performance

    • Benchmark data

      • mCLASS Benchmark Results (if applicable)

The Skill View page shows you how your students are progressing through the skill domains that make up Boost Lectura.

The Student Detail View allows teachers to drill into individual student data: You can use it to see information about a student’s usage of the program over time and read a synopsis of their current quest (along with related discussion starters), check in on their progress through their personalized learning path, find resources to help them overcome trouble spots, and even create detailed progress reports to share with parents and caregivers.

To access the Student Detail View, educators can just click on any student’s name in the Insights or Students page (in either Overview or Skill View).

Finally, the Class Settings page is a powerful tool that allows teachers to:

  • View and download student login information,

  • Download progress reports for parents and caregivers,

  • Configure your students’ product (Boost Reading or Boost Lectura) preferences if you have both programs,

  • Switch Spanish voiceover on or off in your students’ skill games and quests,

  • Switch Practice Mode on or off for individual students or your entire class.

Resource Library

Our Resource Library includes instructional materials to help teachers support and supplement students’ literacy journeys.

Boost Lectura provides access to a robust library of teacher-led instructional resources that teachers can use with their students to supplement students’ time in the program. Trouble spots in the adaptive learning map have corresponding instructional resources linked to them. No matter which subskill your student might need extra help with, there’s an instructional resource in the Teacher Dashboard that’s targeted to their exact needs.

Engagement resources

Students love Boost Lectura! Use our blank certificates to celebrate student usage or any other achievements.

Administrator Reports

Self-service Admin Reports are available for Boost Lectura K–2.

Upon logging in to the reports, administrators will land on the Snapshots page. This page provides a quick glance at the number of active versus total licensed students, grades, or schools.

From there, Administrators can see an overview of student activity through Usage reports, including:

  • Number of active students by week

  • Active students by school, or, when viewing a school, active students by class

  • Number of active students by grade

  • Time spent by students in Boost Lectura

  • Median time spent in minutes and grouped by grade

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