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Understanding the Boost Lectura student experience
Understanding the Boost Lectura student experience

Learn about students’ Boost Lectura experiences, from placement and their personalized skill progression to their growth month over month.

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Student placement

When a student uses Boost Lectura for the first time, the program determines the initial level of content they will see, based on their unique learning needs.

If you use the Amplify mCLASS Lectura assessment with your students at the beginning of the year, they will automatically be placed into the program based on their scores. And, for students who do not use mCLASS Lectura, placement is determined using our Automatic Placement Tool, which ensures that these students receive the content and skill practice most appropriate for their current reading level.

The activity contains carefully curated activities that measure a range of skill levels for each grade and map directly to the content included in the program. Our program analyzes students’ responses to each question and places them at a starting point within the program that best suits their current reading needs.

Personalized learning for every student

Adaptivity is at the core of Boost Lectura. Our differentiated instruction provides practice across various student-skill levels and multiple literacy domains. The overall system is grounded in a research-based scope and sequence of content that responds to student needs.

Every student follows a unique path through skill games and content that is driven by their needs. The adaptivity system maintains a rich profile for each student as they master or struggle with skills within Boost Lectura. It tailors the content your students see in games, based on their individual strengths and opportunities for improvement.

The program also provides adaptive support for students as they are learning. This means that the degree of scaffolding, instruction, and practice adapts to student performance within the games, to ensure that your students get the support they need to learn critical skills.

Adaptivity in games takes the form of targeted scaffolds, feedback, and practice that’s based on live student performance within a game level. For example, if a student is playing ¡Conéctalo! and struggles with choosing the correct connective to use in a sentence, they will be given a definition and detailed explanation of the word in question, along with a series of sample sentences to practice using it in context.

Narrative experience

Students spend the majority of their time in Boost Lectura playing quests, a first-person narrative experience where they gain powers, help others, and learn about themselves and the worlds they inhabit; all while gaining targeted-reading skill practice that is personalized to their unique learning progression. They receive rewards that are intrinsically tied to their reading growth, which help motivate them to keep trying, regardless of their learning pace.

Quests’ story lines are based on students’ grade and developmental stage, so all students in the same class see the same age- and grade-appropriate story world, regardless of their individual reading level—they get to practice the skills they need most, while enjoying the same narrative as their classmates.


Boost Lectura provides a library of 27 fiction and nonfiction ebooks that students encounter along our adaptive learning map. These books include familiar activities from skill games that allow students to apply the skills they practice in games to real texts.

All our books include optional instructional supports that students can access by clicking on the Settings icon, in the top right corner of the eReader screen:

Challenge Quests

Upon completing Quest 24, your students will receive a Challenge Quest, a set of three new games to play. These games are selected specifically for each student, based on their progress throughout Boost Lectura.

If students master all three games in their Challenge Quest, they will earn a new curioso customization. Then, they will receive a new Challenge Quest with three new games and be able to keep earning curioso customizations!

Practice Mode

Occasionally, with very frequent usage, students may progress through the full adaptive skill map. Students who achieve this milestone, automatically unlock Practice Mode and will have the opportunity for free play in any skill game.

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