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Updated features for Amplify Library

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District administrators can now customize the Amplify Library to build their district’s digital library. The teacher and student experience will not change.

Learn more about the Amplify Library here.

If you are a district administrator with authorization, you can customize the Grades 6–8 digital library by choosing from Amplify’s 700+ selection to build your district’s booklist. Hide books from your district’s Amplify Library to ensure that your students only see books that align with your district’s priorities.

Texts used in core lessons and units cannot be removed from the booklist.

When you click on a book, the book details will display. From the book details, click Hide this book for your district to hide the book.

A confirmation displays. Click Hide book to confirm or Cancel.

Administrators will see the hidden books in the Amplify Library as opaque with a crossed eye icon.

To unhide a book, open the book details and click on Unhide this book.

You can change the view of your library from the administrator view to the educator view. Change your view in the Reading Settings, under District Book Visibility Settings. Click Off for administrator view and see all hidden books with a crossed eye icon, or On to remove all hidden books from your view and from search results, which is the experience your educators and students will have of the Amplify Library. If any books are hidden, an info button displays next to My Library to note that the library has been customized by the district.

If an educator thinks a book should be hidden from the Amplify Library, they should reach out to their administrator.

Note: Hiding a book hides it for every school in the district that uses Amplify Library.

You can find the hidden books in the My Library section of the navigation bar.

Print book list

District Administrators can also print a list of books for their district. They can choose to print:

  • only hidden books

  • only visible books

  • all books the district is entitled to

To print a book list:

  1. From the library, a district administrator clicks My Library and then Print/Export Book List.

  2. The list of books displays.

    Sort the book list by only visible books, only hidden books, or both hidden and visible books.

  3. Choose the file type you want to download.

  4. Click Export. The file saves to your default download folder. Save your CSV file in an easily accessible location for uploading in case you need to update your rosters during the school year.

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