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Amplify ELA's instructional resources for the 2023–2024 school year offer more flexibility in your lesson planning.

Text Analysis Modules*

There are two Text Analysis Modules for Rhetorical Appeals and Logical Reasoning, which offer flexible instructional resources for teaching key analytic reading skills.

Like all Amplify Text Analysis Modules, both of these modules provide definitions and examples, the opportunity to walk students through an annotated skill routine to support analyzing literature using this skill, and suggestions for where students will work with this skill within the curriculum. The Rhetorical Appeals module includes a skill routine analyzing how ethos, pathos, and logos advance the purpose of the author. The Logical Reasoning module has a skill routine around identifying types of reasoning, specifically deductive, inductive, and causal reasoning.

You can find the Text Analysis Modules through the Professional Learning Hub or through the Skill Modules app on the Programs & Apps menu. Click here to learn more about Amplify ELA Skills Modules.

Printable vocabulary resources to target morphology

ELA 6–8 has printable vocabulary resources, including a printable list of common morphemes along with an accompanying morphology activity added to the existing book of available graphic organizers in the Amplify digital library.

Conversation Connections

Flex Days feature a Conversation Connections activity which is designed to target and support classroom conversation focused on topics and themes aligned to that specific unit. The discourse supports and simplified language of Conversation Connections provide structured opportunities for all students, but particularly English-Language Learners (ELLs), to practice essential speaking and listening skills.

Independent Reading Guide

Amplify’s Independent Reading Guide contains suggestions for implementing and facilitating a successful independent reading program. You can access the Independent Reading Guide from the Materials section of the Year Overview. The Independent Reading Guide only has printable materials.

The Independent Reading Guide includes:

  • Printable independent reading activity materials to help structure student reading and sharing sessions.

  • Teacher guide (PDF) to help incorporate independent reading in your classroom and increase student engagement

You can find the Independent Reading Guide in the Materials section of the Year Overview.

*The availability of this content/feature may vary by district and in certain state editions.

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