Vocab App: The teacher experience
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The teacher experience in the Vocab App is designed to provide you with both at-a-glance insights and more in-depth reporting on the words and skills your students practice when they use the program.

Student reporting

Whenever you access the Vocab App, you will be directed to the Students tab. You can return to this view at any time by clicking the Reporting button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

How to see a list of all of your classes

If you use the Vocab App with more than one class, when you open the Students tab you will see a page titled Your Classes, which shows an interactive list of all of your different classes.

Note: If you only have one class associated with your Amplify account, when you click Reporting you will automatically be shown information about that specific class, without seeing the Your Classes view.

How to see information about a specific class

From the Your Classes view, you can click any class name to see a list of all of the students in that class. This list displays information about each student’s accuracy that day, their overall progress toward mastery of the word list, their accuracy rate for the selected week, and their grade level.

Note: Progress and mastery information on this page is displayed in one-week increments; you can use the arrows above the table to view student data from a different week.

To see information about a different class, click the triangle to the right of the class name to open a drop-down menu and select another class.

Class accuracy by skill area

The 10 activities in the Vocab App give your students practice in two major skill areas: understanding how words are used in different contexts and identifying synonyms and antonyms for target words. The Reporting page includes information about your class’s performance on each of these skill areas.

To view reporting on classwide accuracy for each skill area, just click the Class Accuracy button in the upper-right corner of any Class page.

How to view individual student information

You can click any student’s name from the class list to view more detailed reporting on that student.

First, you will see the student’s overall progress, with details about the total number of activities they have completed in the current school year, their longest streak of consecutive correct answers, their overall accuracy rate, and the number of words that they have mastered so far.

You can also click the Day, Week, or Month buttons to see information about your student’s accuracy and the number of activities they have played on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

To see information about a different student, click the triangle to the right of the student’s name to open a drop-down menu and select another student from the same class.

How to view a student’s current and mastered words

Each student’s page allows you to see the words they are currently working with, as well as a list of all of the words they have mastered so far. To open this list, click the Student Word List button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

First, you will see the Current Words tab, which shows all of the words your student has encountered in the Vocab App, but has not yet mastered.

To the right of each word you will see a series of circles, which represent your student’s encounters with that word and their progress toward mastery: a dark circle indicates that the student answered correctly on that encounter, while a light circle indicates an incorrectly-answered encounter with the word.

Once your student has answered correctly on three consecutive encounters with a particular word, it will be displayed in the Mastered Words tab instead.

Class settings

The Class Settings menu allows you to adjust the activities your students see, and also change the number of words they receive per day.

You can access the Class Settings menu from the Students page, by clicking the gear icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Note: As the name suggests, changes you make in the Class Settings menu are applied on a class-wide basis; if you wish to make changes for multiple classes, you will need to do so for each class from its unique page.

How to turn activities on or off

Note: All ten activity types are turned on by default for all students.

The ten different activities that your students encounter when they use the Vocab App are designed to provide rigorous practice with key grade-level words, while appealing to a variety of learning styles and interests among students in grades 3–5. While we recommend allowing your students to experience the full suite of activities, we recognize that not every activity is right for every student.

To quickly turn off a specific activity for a class, first open the Class Settings menu, then click the tab labeled Limit Activities to see a list of all of the activities that are available for your class.

Next, click the box to the left of the name of the activity that you wish to turn off for your class, then click on the Confirm button to save your changes.

After you confirm your changes, students in this class will no longer see the activity that you have just turned off for them; you can always turn it back on by navigating to the Limit Activities tab and unchecking the box for that activity.

How to limit words per day

The CKLA word list is designed to correspond with the CKLA units your students study in class, and activities in the Vocab App are paced to allow your students to engage with the full word list over the course of an entire school year. By default, students are set up to receive a maximum of 10 activities per day, but you can always change that number to better fit your students’ needs or the unique pace of your class.

To change the words-per-day limit, first open the Class Settings menu, then click the tab labeled Limit Words.

From this tab, you can adjust the number in the Set Limit box (either by typing or clicking the arrows in the box), or you can select Unlimited to remove the word cap altogether. Click the Confirm button to save these changes for your class.

Note: We do not recommend using the Unlimited option with CKLA students, as their word lists are carefully paced to line up with the words and content they are learning about in their core curriculum.

See words and word list information

How to view the word list

To see the full list of words available for your students, just click the Words button in the Reporting view.

To view the word list for a specific grade, use the drop-down menu above the word list table; just click the triangle to the right of the grade number to see a list of available grades.

How to view details about a specific word

There are two ways to see more detailed information about words from the CKLA word list.

From the Words page, you can click on any word in the table to view information about it.

You can also use the search bar above the word list table to filter and find specific words.

On the page for any individual word, you can see the following information about the word:

  • Part of speech

  • Stream (the grade level(s) associated with the word)

  • Definition

  • Activities in which the word appears

  • Synonyms and Antonyms, if the word appears in either of those activities

How to export word lists

To download a CSV file containing any word list, just select the word list you wish to save, and then click the Export List button in the lower-right corner of the Words page.

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